Why did Assad do it?

In any criminal investigation, a good investigator looks for motive and opportunity.  But the allegation that Assad gassed innocent women and children with the nerve agent sarin can be reduced to motive only because governments, unlike people, can make any opportunity they so wish.  Their tentacles are too numerous to track and many of their actions are secret and unknown to the general public.

So if the evidence demonstrates that wrong doing occurred, we must look at motive when governments are involved.  The evidence shows that Syrian warplanes left an air base, boomed an area, and returned.  In or near the target area, their was a sarin gas incident.  The evidence does NOT demonstrate that it was the warplane payload that contained the nerve agent.  That is only a possibility.   There are also at least three others.

  1. The Russian narrative that the warplanes hit a rebel / terrorist munitions depot containing chemical weapons.
  2. The rebels / terrorists staged the event to make it look as if it was the result of the Assad regime’s bombing run.
  3. The rebels together with deep state elements within the United States planned the provocation to justify aggression against Assad and by proxy, Russia.

Number 2/3 has been done before during the Obama Administration.

So what does Assad have to gain?  What was he motive?  Lets look at the setting.

  • Assad had the civil war going his way.  He was making progress and winning.
  • Peace talks were about to start.

So Assad thinks to himself…

I wonder how I can snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, turn the entire world against me, and bring the US in the conflict so they can fight my chief ally Russia?  I know, I will use nerve gas on non-combatants like women and children.  Perfect, that should do it.  I must call Vladimir right away and let him in on this brilliant plan.

Really?  This is to stupid to be believed.

Who does benefit?

  • The terrorists who are losing.  You know, the moderate Muslims who chop off heads and use women and children as human shields and are funded by US interests and receive US weapons.  They need the US to enter the conflict or they are going to lose.
  • The US military industrial complex and the deep state that needs conflict to justify its spending.  They need a big boogeyman like Russia to keep the war drums beating and the money flowing.
  • The US government so they can virtue signal, that is, to be seen of men to be the good guys, wear the white hats.  Otherwise they will not be able to contain public decent and keep the population pacified.

Russia and Assad do not appear to benefit from this action.  Until the pundits like Mark Levin and Brian Wilson provide real motive, Donald Trump may be sending his message to the wrong people.





MIA: Trump Wine

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Because I live in Northern Virginia, which is overrun by parasitic government bureaucrats, I was surprised that the local Wegmans was completely sold out of Trump wines.  What happened to the progressive snowflake boycott?  I had no idea there were so many closet conservatives in the area.

Over Educated Morons


Apparently, in the “minds” of some SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) there is an offense or crime called “cultural appropriation.”   This contrivance, probably an offshoot of some “Social Marxism” professor, calls for accusations that can escalate into physical intimidation, assault and false accusation.

Dreadlocks and “cornrows” have appeared in many cultures like the Persians, Egyptians, Greeks and Vikings.  This is not unique to African or African-American culture.  Besides, when did utilizing elements from another culture become a crime?

It is still assumed by naive parents that their children go to college to learn how to think and reason. Yet increasingly, it seems that the only thing colleges are teaching young adult snowflakes is how to be offended.  Parents pay good money for an education, yet their children often turn out to be offended lemming zombie retards who can no longer reason clearly.

Why doesn’t this “cornrow Nazi” go after Beyonce for straightening her hair and dying it blonde?

Is this “dreadlock Bolshevik” wear jeans?  Weren’t jeans invented for white miners during the California gold rush, Copper rivets and all?

Does she ever wear blue or purple?  She probably should not because someone might accuse her of appropriating the culture of ancient rich people from the Mediterranean.  The Queen of England should stop wearing purple too.  And the Vikings and Ravens need to change their uniforms.

Do any of her cloths have zippers?  Because that would be appropriating white people culture designed for bomber pilots during WW II.

According to this SJW’s thinking, if you’re non-white you should haven’t oak furniture either.  This kind of reasoning is intellectually vacuous and stupid beyond belief.  This is the result of teaching these “children” to be offended.  The SJW women in this video cannot think and she is guilty of the cardinal sin for SJWs, intolerance (that is besides assault).  The sadist part of it is she will graduate with a degree believing she is a smart young professional when in reality she is intellectually vapid.  It seems that Universities no longer teach logic and reason.

So, If I decided I wanted to decorate my library (if I had one) in an African pallet, that’s just to bad.   If I like Hepplewhite, or Chippendale or Queen Anne furniture, do I have to vet the culture before I dare buy such things?  Seems to me this is just another way progresses try to divide people and destroy individual freedom of choice.  You are only allowed choice when you want to destroy life, but have no choice when you try to live it.


Immigration Solved

End subsidies for immigrants.  If they get no money, they won’t come here.  We don’t need a wall and we don’t need illegals who would illegally vote for and support the elite collectivist overlords.

  • There would be no break up of families.
  • Until people become citizens, no welfare or subsidies.
  • That is not racism since citizens are composed of all races.
  • It is not xenophobic, it is economic.  The US is already broke.  Reckless government printing and plunder of its citizens is not a bottomless pocket to steal from.

If Trump wants to really solve this crisis, stop the welfare.  Europe could solve it just as easily.


Objective Science – 2 genders (2 sexes) – if you agree with science, this post is not about you.

Anti-scientific Postmodern subjectivism promoted by Marxist College Professors – 60 or 70 or any number you want genders

How you feel about yourself and what gender you identify with doesn’t change the fact that there only 2 genders.  You are still anti-science making you either…

  • intentionally delusional
  • extremely ignorant
  • just an idiot parroting whatever you are told
  • very confused and unable to reason clearly
  • or so cowardly that fitting in with your peers is more important than scientific facts or objective truth.  In that case, please return to your “safe place” now.

That’s not bigotry, that’s just a fact.  Calling someone a bigot or a racist or intolerant or gender-phobic is not an argument.  It still makes you anti-science and opposed to reality.  It doesn’t change that fact that there are only two sexes.  I’m sorry but your feelings don’t create an alternate universe.

It also makes people suspect that, while you can think, you can’t reason clearly.


Helpful Chart for Gender Challenged

Investigate Trump?



Democrats want a special prosecutor. 

OK, but first lets investigate the previous scandals that were “brushed under the rug”…


Fast n Furious




Hillary uranium deal with Russia


Obama/Hillary Supplying weapons to ISIS


Obama secret payoff deal with Iran


IRS targeting conservative groups


Deep State/Obama directing NSA spying on Trump


Hillary’s hacked emails while at the State dept. and violation of the espionage act


the Clinton foundation pay-to-play

Then we will get around to your request.  Take a number and get in line.