The latest load of crap from the government propaganda agencies (main stream media outlets) continue to parrot government sponsored memes such as “fake news” and “Russian Hacking”.  Like unthinking drones and lemmings they seem to be under the impression that no one will notice that they never offer specific and concrete evidence or attempt cogent reasoning.  It appears that the only people who fall for it are the more well educated among us.  You know, the ones that have college degrees to certify that they have undergone a lobotomy of the common sense part of the brain.

We do know that Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc, etc, have become feeds to help the government draw up their plans to oppress and control the unwashed masses, i.e., “deplorables”, libertarians, constitutionalists, preppers, conservative evangelical Christians, and anyone else critical of our socialist distopian overlords.  Historically, socialist utopias always involve killing a lot of people and grinding the rest into poverty so deep that they are devoid of the resources needed to fight for their liberty.

These fake narratives like “fake news” and “Russian hackers” are ridiculously transparent attempts to justify control over the internet and censor free speech.  Someone once said that censorship of free speech is the last step before the government becomes the enemy of the people.  Whether first or last, this step was not needed until the government realized that the Main Stream Media no longer controls the narrative.

Many people are attempting to pro-actively find alternates to the government monitored social platforms.  So here are a few sites free from politically correct censorship I am looking into.  If you know of others, please leave a note.

From Chris Campbell over at Laissez Faire…

  • Instead of Reddit, try out Voat
  • Twitter is for “statists”, so try Gab
  • Instead of Facebook run by the weasel Zuckerberg , check out NextDoor

The Dollar Vigilante recommends and publishes its content on Steamit in addition to the “normal” channels.

And, as an alternate to Google and Bing, try StartPage

And anything “blockchain” based is a plus.

Our government is not our friend.  It does not have our best interest at heart.  It has gone off the rails and has become a lawless and rouge entity.  It is drawing battle lines against us.  Their current tools are lies, propaganda, and deception but more and more they are writing new laws to justify the use of force.  Freedom of information is needed to overcome this collectivist and socialist distopia where descent is crushed and the people are reduced to tax slavery.  I hope more and more people will continue to explore the world outside the matrix.


Latest on Facebook…

Facebook Fake Police…
Facebook’s Fake News Censorship Campaign


If one excludes the Marxist state of California, Trump won the popular vote. Now I’m no Trump guy. I don’t believe he will change much. And the coming economic disaster just up ahead can’t be headed off by anything he does. I’m more an “Anyone but Hitlary” guy, except perhaps Bernie Saunders who would probably be worse.

Never the less, Bernie, not Hillary, should have won the nod from the DNC in California. Leaked emails and a study out of Stanford show the corruption of the voting apparatus controlled by the Democratic party in California. So why should anyone in the rest of the country trust anything out of this state, which, by the way, is the worse managed state in the union with Illinois and New York right on its heals for the title. For more information on this, see the link below.

California Vote

Clearly California has corruption problems, but it also has serious mental problems. In deed, many “millennials” seem to have the inability to think critically about the subject of collectivism (Socialism, Communism). Most of the time, their thinking and reported conversations exclude well documented history and the ability to engage in any type of intellectual discussion. It does include regurgitating knee jerk insults, parroting their Marxist professors, and violence.

This lack of discussion demonstrating an inability to reason to often results in real “hate speech”. Instead of engaging in discourse over the merits of arguments presented, they dismiss them because of their origin. This is akin to someone rejecting an argument not because of an argument’s validity, but because the source comes from an African-American, or a women, or a progressive, or a conservative, or a Christian, or a Muslim, or an atheist, etc. An argument either has weight or it doesn’t. Its source my not be palatable to someone, but to focus on that simply leads to ad-hominin responses, bias, bigotry and racism.

To call a group of people xenophobic or bigots or racist is itself bigotry. But that level of thinking seems to hard to follow, with to many levels of inference for our young college educated millennials. To many of them are not aware that they are being played by the collectivists in Washington, the Media, and the academics. To many of them are being pushed and pulled like a vast group of lemmings easily controlled by propaganda. Certainly this seems to be the goal of the state.

Until the people of California learn the true record of 20th Century collectivism by studying its history, It is most fortunate for the rest of us that the Electoral College prevented California from sending the rest of the country further down the slippery slope of Socialism.

and thoughts on voter fraud from REDDIT…

My old man lives in California, and sent me his thoughts on the popular vote:
Donald J. Trump has, also, won the popular vote! The anti-electoral vote crowd, which has awakened after a 16 year hibernation period, can now put their protest signs back in the closet.
Donald J. Trump, President-Elect, has won the popular vote. When the votes from the liberal state of California are tossed out the entire political spectrum changes. Consider California is excluded from the Presidential Election of 2016.
Total USA Vote Count including California (99% reporting)
Clinton: 60,839,922 or 48%
Trump: 60265858 or 47%
Johnson: 4,152,009 or 3%
Total USA Vote Count excluding California (100% reporting)
Clinton: 54,979,208 or 46.5%
Trump: 57,114,029 or 48.5
Johnson: 3,847, 988 or 3.3%
Why exclude California? There may be a number of reasons to disqualify California…
1. It is one of 12 States that issue driver license’s to illegal immigrants.
2. While a few States permit legal immigrants to vote, California openly permits illegal immigrants to vote. Get a driver’ license get registered to vote.
3. California counsels illegal immigrants to vote for Democratic candidates.
4. California passed a State bill restricting the ability of the Republican Party to place candidates on the National Ballot. This easily eliminates the freedom to vote for a GOP candidate for the Senate.
5. California was called for Clinton one minute after the polls closed with less than 1% of the vote counted. Despite the fact California uses paper ballots.
6. With the exception of Illinois, voting fraud is common practice in California
7. California is still counting ballots and they are somehow are all for Clinton.
So if you are a Trump or GOP supporter, relax. Just throw out California, relax, smile, have comfort in the fact Trump won the popular vote along with 306 electoral votes. Oh yes, Clinton has 55 fewer Electoral Votes, Shame. Something else for the DNC to cry about.

from Captain Capitalism…

Communism is a method by which lazy people concoct reasons and rationales to steal other people’s money legally.

That’s all it is.

There’s nothing more to it than that.

They’re lazy people, deathly afraid of work, labor, and toil, and instead of suffering the pain of work that all of us do, they’d rather spend lifetimes concocting reasons why the rest of society should be enslaved to provide them a free living. And that’s precisely what they do.

Academians constantly begging for more money in fake disciplines such as “sociology,” “women’s studies,” and “lesbian-Portuguese-Anthropological-Studies” all so they can avoid the real world.

Millennial college students forever perpetually putting off adulthood, DEMANDING their student loans be forgiven so they can avoid the working world as long as possible.

Politicians who find real work beneath them, opt to instead divide us against one another, blaming those who work harder have more wealth for the idiotic mistakes misfortunes of others.

Non-profits and their army of “employees” always championing some cause or another, yet never solving it.

And all of them, ALL OF THEM, blaming people with more money as the cause of the world’s problems, yet ironically demanding rich people’s evil money as the solution.

Continue reading…

Because the Bush administration was not transparent, Obama’s election rhetoric included a claim that his administration was going to be the most transparent, most truthful administration ever seen by the country saying “This is the most transparent administration in history”. It is hard to find a bigger lair than our Marxist-In-Chief. The degree of hubris and hypocrisy by Obama truly knows no bounds. He must think that “we the people” are idiots and fools.


Now the government is plotting further disinformation. After all, people must be protected from the truth. So to justify their attempt at further concealment, further opacity, further obfuscation, and further control of the narrative by control of the internet, the media propaganda machine (including but not limited to CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times) is floating the “Fake News” paradigm to see if it will stick.

You see, common people are too stupid to analyze, ponder, and discern what is real news so the government has set up a system to do it for you. With guidance by socialist/Marxists Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt, the government put together a package called PropOrNot so we lemmings can identify “fake news” sites promoting “Russian News”. This is suppose to counteract vote tampering by the Russians, which is why Donald Trump win. At least that is the insinuation. Yeah, sure.

So I grabbed a partial list from PropOrNot so you and I can have it handy in case we need to find real news, because the only news coming from the government and the main stream media is mountains of lies and oceans of propaganda.

Name Domain Primary Target Audience Interests Review Article Absurd Pro-Russia Content Source? Repeater?
Infowars / Alex Jones infowars.com Conspiracy Example Example Major Major
Zerohedge zerohedge.com Finance Example Example Major Major
True Activist trueactivist.com Left-wing Example Example Minor Major
Natural News naturalnews.com Health Example Example Major Major
Ending The Fed endingthefed.com Right-wing Example Example Minor Major
Corbett Report corbettreport.com Geopolitics Example Example Major Minor
Washington’s Blog washingtonsblog.com General Example Example Major Major
Before It’s News beforeitsnews.com General Example Example No Major
Counterpunch counterpunch.org Left-wing Example Example Major Minor
Ron Paul Institute ronpaulinstitute.org Right-Wing Example Example Major Major
Hang the Bankers hangthebankers.com Finance Example Example Minor Major
The Activist Post activistpost.com Left-wing Example Example Major Minor
The Anti-Media theantimedia.org Anti-Media Example Example Major Minor
Veterans Today veteranstoday.com Veterans Example Example Major Major
Southfront southfront.org Military Example Example Major Major
Your Newswire yournewswire.com General Example Example Major Major
America’s Freedom Fighters americasfreedomfighters.com Right-wing Example Example Minor Minor
Global Research globalresearch.ca General Example Example Major Major
Paul Craig Roberts paulcraigroberts.org Left-wing Example Example Major Minor

The Oregon Action

Finally someone has written about the stand off in Oregon and a mad man.  montel-crazy-oregon-200x189






The current 1040, as designed by the IRS, violates the Supreme Court’s ruling on Income vs. Compensation (see previous article All Tax Software is Wrong for references).  So I took the liberty to create a proposed alteration that is more honest, preventing the deceit that was designed into the current one.



In this example we have separated compensation from income (which is derived from compensation) as ruled by the supreme court.  Suppose my compensation for my labor is 94,000 annually.  I voluntarily contribute $9000.  I say voluntarily because legally you are not required to “comply” by law but only made to believe that you have to by the IRS and since compensation (wages, salaries and tips) is not income.


Using the IRS tax tables to calculate the taxes due based upon my voluntary tax liability of $9000, and filing at the single rate, the taxes come to $903.

Some Ramifications…

  • Mortgage deduction and itemization are not needed as the contribution can be adjusted.
  • More money flowing into the hands of the people that actually produce.
  • More money flowing into the hands of consumers.
  • People can actually afford to pay their bills.
  • More money available for private sector businesses.
  • The shareholders of the Federal Reserve might not get there 6% dividend.
  • Government would have to shrink.
  • 90,000 IRS agents would be unemployed.
  • Eventually, people would have to find meaningful work rather than enter the federal and state bureaucracies.
  • Government theft and plunder would be severally curtailed.
  • The government would not be able to treasury bonds to the Federal Reserve member banks.  Because most tax revenue goes to paying interest on previous loans, the US Treasury would not be able to issue unlimited amounts of government bonds.
  • The government would not be able to continue funding unconstitutional agencies and programs because they would not be able to pay interest on the loans.  No pay interest, no get loans.  This will happen eventually anyway.
  • The government my have to renege on the promises it should never have made.  It will have to do this anyway soon enough.
  • Wall St. bankers and London financial houses may not get their bonuses.
  • Our oppressors (the government bureaucrats and politicians) will have difficulty with their masters (the bankers).

There are many more.  Most good in the long run.  Some bad in the short term, especially for our wise and powerful overlords.

Don’t worry to much about government services.  Most exceed the enumerated powers and are unconstitutional anyway.

100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt and by Federal Government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government.”  Grace Commission, Letter to President Reagan – January 12, 1984

Most people believe their tax dollars are go directly to the expenses of government.  This false belief is used to encourage people to pay their fair share of the tax burden so they can go on enjoying the benefits of living in America.

For more on the subject of why the government does not need to steal from you go HERE


An idea for a billboard