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Once inflation turns into hyperinflation and the dollar becomes valueless and over-priced assets are done deflating (housing comes to mind) their will be a period of time before a reset of the system can take place.  By reset, I mean the world will have to go back to real money based upon a commodity such as gold or silver.  So when store shelves are empty and your children are crying from hunger, how will you survive?

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Let me summarize my views on what modern evolutionary biology tells us loud and clear … There are no gods, no purposes, no goal-directed forces of any kind. There is no life after death. When I die, I am absolutely certain that I am going to be dead. That’s the end for me. There is no ultimate foundation for ethics, no ultimate meaning to life, and no free will for humans, either.  Provine, W.B.Origins Research 16(1), p.9, 1994.

I find it logically absurd for people to talk about justice and injustice, right and wrong, good and evil, ethics or morality in general who believe that the here and now is all there is.  They do not believe in life after death so they really do not believe in any real and ultimate consequences or rewards to any moral conduct.  Here’s what I mean.

  • What purpose does morality have since the ultimate reward for every individual is the same (death)
    • If you are as evil as Adolf Hitler or Jeffery Dahmer, your end is death
    • If you are as good as Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi, your end is death
    • If you make wise decisions, your end is death
    • If you make terrible decisions, your end is death
    • If you have every dream fulfilled or have very dream end in frustration, your end is death
    • If you “do your own thing” or fail at it miserably, you die regardless
    • If you take up a “just” cause and see it triumph or you become a genocidal madman who oppresses multitudes with fear, plunder, torture and death, the outcome is identical, i.e., death

In other words, the ultimate consequences for any moral position are the same, death.  If this is true, then what purpose does morality serve?  It does not convey a “survival advantage”.  Many animals succeed without it.  In fact, it only interferes with survival of the fittest.  Charitable, human acts often help the weak and poor survival when they normally wouldn’t.  Then they eventually die anyway so what is the point?

If no life after death, we shouldn’t be moral at all.  There is no point to it.  Yet people who claim they actually believe that there is no life after death, make moral judgments all the time.  But why?  If the consequence and outcome of all life is death, it serves no purpose, conveys no advantage (who cares about survival advantage since you and your progeny will die anyway) and makes no sense.  Why do they pretend morality, love, kindness, tolerance, benevolence, etc., has any value at all yet claim life is ultimately meaningless.   Why are they upset when someone lies to them or harms them?

What is their purpose in living?  For the pleasure of the moment?  Again, whether your life is filled with every pleasure or none at all, you are a dead man.

If there is no life after death, there is no real consequences, no real justice, no meaning to existence, and morality is simply non-sense.   Yet, it exists.

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Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists’ antagonism toward the gold standard.  Alan Greenspan, Chairman of Federal Reserve, in 1966

Yeap, “the maestro” knew all along of the necessity of a gold or commodity backed currency.  To bad for us he did not stick to his guns and sold out.  The truth is, the immoral hate any standard.  The thieves running our Government are no exception.  The gold standard puts limits on the amount of funds that can be stolen and slows the process down.  More importantly, it constraints their “Utopian” vision.  They cannot buy votes by promising people government will take care of them (in exchange for their freedoms) and make them safe by expanding and protecting their empire.  So the government plunders you, then gives you back some of what they have stolen in exchange for your votes and your liberty.  Fantastic racket to be in.

We have all been robbed by our own government since 1913 per the chart below.  But since 1971, our government has started robbing the entire world.  By forcing the world to take our petrol dollars, we have exported our inflation overseas, causing food price riots such as we saw in the Arab Spring rebellions of last year.

It took nearly a century to destroy the value of the dollar this far, but with all the central banks printing money, the destruction of value will greatly accelerate.  The remaining purchasing power of the dollar will disintegrate very quickly and along with it, your IRAs, 401K, pensions, all savings in US dollar denominated assets.  The well off will be broke.  They will sell the grand piano sitting in the parlor for a bag of rice.

The effects of a century of inflation. Nearly 99% less valuable.

When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here. A super-state controlled by international bankers and industrialists…acting together to enslave the world…Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers but the truth is–the Fed has usurped the government.  Louis McFadden, (1876-1936) US Congressman (R-PA) (1915-1935), Chairman of House Banking and Currency Committee. Poisoned in 1936.

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I have a know-it-all relative who has opinions on everything he knows nothing about.  His opinions are always identical to the propaganda machine called the Main Stream Media (MSM).  For example, he things wife and I are crazy because…

  • We want to grow our own food because the economy is unstable.  Yet he knows nothing about the economy.  He could not tell you how inflation is caused.  He can’t even define it.  He knows zippo about the FED, Keynesian economics, the Austrian school, the history of money and banking in the US,  Bretton Woods or monetary hegemony.  But he has opinions about it.  Nothing is wrong with not knowing that stuff, but then, shut you mouth until you do.
  • We are crazy because we are storing food also.  He prefers to do nothing because everything will always continue as it always has.  Apparently history is not his teacher.
  • We are also trying to put aside extra because there will be other people who will have even less that we do and they will likely have children.  But that’s all part of the same craziness.

After all, the government doesn’t lie, inflation (whatever that is) is under 3%, unemployment is just over 8% and falling, housing will recover, and the DJIA keeps going up on no volume.  If you have a bridge to sell, he’s your guy.

We're crazy

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Seeds of Change helped launched a program in Oakland, California in 2001 called City Slicker Farms.  Sounds like a good idea.  Since then urban garden sites have popped up all over the internet.  With the soon economic collapse of the United States and the disruption of logistical networks, it will be impossible to just drop by the grocery store and pick up what you need.  It just won’t be there or it will be very expensive.
One thing I am noticing in my area (Northern Virginia) is that more urban and home gardens are popping up.  I hope that some people are aware of what is coming.  It is to bad that sound economics is not taught in our public schools.  By design I’m sure.
Most of the urban gardening sites are altruistic championing noble causes like ending hunger in America or eating sustainability.  Soon, people will find a new motive for growing their own food, survival.

Raised lettuce garden

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Some known attributes of matter

The attributes or properties of matter are physical phenomenon. They are not mental in any form. We label them in order to categorize, identify and manipulate them, that is, to use and make use of them for our own benefit. But matter does care about it’s own benefit or yours. Nor does it categorize anything. Should I place matter into some category of my own contrivance matter is not effected one bit.
Matter will not become self-aware (sorry SkyNet) no matter how complicated we arrange it. Self-awareness, opinion, perception of value, judgment, discretion, etc., are simply not known properties of matter but of “mind”. To ascribe things such as desire or choice or ideas to matter would be ridiculous. There is no rational proof or scientific evidence for such a thing. It would be a supreme leap of faith (actually more akin to superstition than faith) without any kind of logical underpinnings. Their are no eye-witnesses, no historical, forensic or archaeological evidence, no axiomatic logic or use of inference that can lay out a rational case for the belief that matter possess such qualities as love of beauty or lust for gold.
To ascribe properties of “mind” to matter is to commit the logical fallacy called a category error.  That is the same thing as ascribing taste to a color.  What does the color green taste like? or smell like? or feel like? or sound like?  It is just as silly to wonder what ideas matter came up with today? And then wonder how it came to its conclusion.  It also is to take the irrational position of believing that the effect can be greater then the cause.

Fanciful attributes of matter evolutionists and atheists wish for.

Non Theists must start with a grand leap into the irrational, disregarding all evidence to the contrary, believing in a concept that mind can arise from matter. The non-theist must believe that the effect can somehow be greater then the cause. They must metaphorically believe that one can poor 2 gallons of water into an empty five gallon bucket and it will overflow. They must believe that a book can create an author or that the outcome of 2 + 2 can be greater than 4.
In short, the non-theist must ascribe “magical” powers to matter.  Atheism and evolution are superstitious faiths rooted in the irrational belief that matter can come to create and possess attributes of mind like thinking and reasoning. This is why atheists and evolutionists do not discuss their presuppositions as they are founded upon the mere desire for certain things to be true. At their core their believes are not given to logical proofs or scientific evidences but run contrary to them. This is why they spend all their time arguing about the interpretation of minutia yet lack the philosophical clarity needed to analyze the assumptions they make about reality.
To call ones viewpoint logical or intelligent while maintaining that attributes of mind can and must have arisen out of matter is absurd in the extreme. It is not only ridiculous but it doesn’t even have the rational foundation of a good faith. It is patently false. Effects cannot be greater then their causes and no evidence exists for the belief that attributes of mind arise from matter.
To the contrary, mental constructs can make use of matter to fulfill a vision. An architect can draw up a blue print, the information of which can be used to arrange stone or brick, cooper pipe, etc., into a house. An interior decorator can style it to the owner’s liking. But matter itself does not care about style or the owner’s preference for sage instead of pink. Nor is matter aware of the information used from the blueprint or gleaned from the experience of skilled craftsmen to build a house or anything else.

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It was a great day in gardening department.  All the tomatoes have sprouted.  I love tomatoes and have planted…

  • Black Krim
  • Black Cherry tomatoes
  • Green Zebra
  • Yellow Pear
  • Mortgage Lifter
  • San Marzano paste
  • Purple Smug
  • Super Italian paste

I may just plant one or two more.


My wonderful wife continues to endure the nasty and disrespectful conduct and slander coming from certain family members (her side).  The degree of pettiness is a little shocking to me. And the uncharitable construction put on her words and actions border on ridiculous.  She is justifiable heart broken over it.  It is just miserable for her.

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