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22 Red Flags

Excellent article from “The Economic Collapse Blog” on 22 Red Flags That Indicate That Very Serious Doom Is Coming For Global Financial Markets.

What comes after that? Hyperinflation? Civil unrest? Riots? Marshall Law? Famine? War? The break up of the US into smaller autonomous pieces? Perhaps all of the above.


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BREAKING: Bank of America Doesn’t Support the 2nd Amendment – Kelly McMillan, McMillan International

2nd Amendment rights (keep and bare arms) is not there so people can go hunting, it is so the citizen can protect themselves against rouge government.

Bank of America is just another element of the United States of Fascism.  There is a good reason banks don’t want citizens to have guns (and it is not because of John Dillinger).  They are part of the illegal (anti-constitutional) political apparatus that wishes people controlled via debt slavery.  They have a worthless and failing product (U.S. Dollar) that will soon collapse. It can only retain value as long as the sheep are fooled.

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Collectivism is marked by a distinct attachment to the state as the source of life.

For the modern progressive, or liberal (not classical liberalism), the over “educated” elite, the powers that be, the academics, media people and bureaucrats that run our lives, and the people who depend upon them or benefit from them in some fashion, socialism, collectivism, communism, fascism is a no-brainer.   All social and all individual crises thus become a matter of government purview.  In the age we live in, government is worshiped by the wise instead of God.  Individual self reliance is a terrifying and out of date notion.  Many of these intellectual idiots, writes Brandon Smith of Alt-Market

have lived on the dole since they were born, moving from their family’s money, to state money through grants and loans.  It is not unheard of for these people to become career students, avoiding work for years, and then moving on to a bureaucratic job when the free money runs out.  They cannot fathom why anyone would rebel against the system, because they are a part of a select group which has always benefited from it.  How could the federal government be bad when it has paid their way for half of their existence?

We have been warned…

  • About the perils and soon collapse of the economy by the Von Mises, Rothbard, Hayek and many others
  • Of the Warfare State by Eisenhower
  • About the perils of ignoring history by George Santavana
  • About the dangers of expansionary government by our founding fathers
  • About the use of law to plunder the citizenry by Bastiat and a tool of oppression by Tacitus
  • About how democracies degenerate by John Adams and Historian Alexander Fraser Tyler
  • and about the worship of the state and its leaders by Benjamin Franklin and God himself.
Most people cannot accept reality because they are not prepared for it and have no means to do so.  Thus it is easier to believe in the fiction delivered by the government and disseminated by the media. Go back to sleep.

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Derivatives: derived from nothing but fraudulent debt created by banks and other global elites via fractional reserve lending and pyramiding on top of none existent "money" = YOU: debt slave

A wonderful yet frightening visual illustration of why the system will fail very soon.

Oh, by the way – youth worshipers…

The next generation will not save us.  They have no means to prepare and they are too busy having a good time.  If any of them are going to survive what is coming, assuming they don’t join some mob engaging in civil unrest, it will be the “OLD FARTS” that will be prepared to help and protect them.  And these “old farts” will be few and far between.  Most youth will perish as they look to the government to save them.  That likely also includes the dependent class and city “folks”.

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Ship of Fools, them or us?

Banks are continuously being bailed out.  And along with them are their billionaire investors and stock holders.  The recent $25 billion robo-signing foreclose-fraud “fine” or “settlement” the banks were hit with is mere political window dressing.  Take Bank of America, the Government, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, then add Buffet to the mix and what do we get?  More fraud and bailouts with the debt being saddled on you and me.

Case in point – try this scenario.

  1. Warren Buffet invested $5 BILLION in BOA @ $7.14
  2. Fannie and Feddie either forgave or bought nearly 200 billion in mortgage debt liability (toxic financial assets) from Bank of America (BOA) alone last year.
  3. BOA then looks better (on paper) and stock rises to $8.63 a share.  If buffet sells today, he makes $750 million.
  4. Fannie and Feddie are asking for a 100 billion more.

So Buffet won’t sell, not yet anyway.  There is more gravy coming his way, courtesy of you and me.  Thus Buffet is adding to the national debt indirectly, yet wants billionaire to be taxed more by implementing the “Buffet” rule.  Well why not?  He makes it up on the back end and looks philanthropic while robbing you.

The “Buffet” rule, which is also the more comically named “Paying a Fair Share Act”, will net the government about $4.7 billion a year.  How many hours will it take the government to waste that revenue?

Here are some answers…

The 2010 Federal Budget – $3,552 trillion dollars.  There are 8765 hours in a year:  $3.552 trillion / 8,765 hours = $405,210,571 per hour

The 2011 Federal Budget – $3,834 trillion dollars.  There are 8765 hours in a year:  $3.834 trillion / 8,765 hours = $437,421,563 per hour

So, using 2011 data, we get 10.74 hours before the government burns through it.  So taxing the rich is simply more plunder to enable the government to hire more bureaucrats, regulators, lawyers, and fortify their police state against the civil unrest that is coming.

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Excellent Illustration of Bread prices

Historically, when paper (fiat) currency loses its value, it is often the wealthier, more educated professional class of people that suffer terribly.  The biggest reason is that there services are no longer sought after.  As focus for the average person increasing moves towards survival and feeding their children, they cut out things that aren’t needed and that they can do without.

Of what value is a government bureaucrat who pushes paper and writes regulations for an increasing unruly and hostile citizenry?  Or the lawyer and client trying to sue someone for worthless paper?  Or the software engineer who was building web sites for the corporation that just closed?  How will the government pay the police and the teachers when their paycheck buys them next to nothing?

During the German and Austrian hyperinflation of the 1920’s the wealthy, unaccustomed to farming, manufacturing or building, would sell a grand piano for a sack of potatoes.  In Greece today, some families are living in make shift cardboard shelters and are trying to find people to take their children because they can no longer feed them.  The worst hit are usually government employees.   Greek civil servants have had their incomes slashed by about 40% since 2010 and this is just the beginning.

Those who put faith in governments have a “killer” legacy, literally.

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Last Frost Date

Carrots of Color

We are closing in on the last frost date here in Northern Virginia. I’ve been very tempted to plan early because of the unseasonably warm weather. I have a lot of tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and melons I want to experiment with. Spinach has already sprouted as have the sugar snaps.

I have various colors of tomates (from cream to black/purple) and Carrots (Purple and dark red to pale yellow). John over at GrowingYourGreens says to eat the whole spectrum.

Soon as it gets warm enough, the Red Malabar (Indian Spinach) will go in as well.  This and the chard should provide “spinach” like greens when the hot weather comes and the spring spinach fades out.

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