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It bothers me to see statements made by people who either should know better or in their haste are just not careful.  Case in point.

A very well respected newsletter writer, Mr. Gold himself, Jim Sinclair writes…

Take down capitalism the same way communism folded.

I think he may have been paraphrasing one of several possible sources or perhaps recollecting from memory something he read.  The context was the danger our debt has placed us in.  After which he calls for leadership like Truman and Eisenhower, as if government was the solution rather than the problem.  Leadership will not save us.  But my issue is the use of capitalism in the above quote.

If someone, or some group of people, whether they come from the same nation or same ideology, want to take down the west and particularly America, they are not taking down capitalism.  Sinclair could have at least put it in quotes as in…

Take down “capitalism” the same way communism folded.

You see, America is not capitalistic.  At least not since 1913.  Capitalism requires an economy that allows for the creation and investment of capital (savings) by free people in a market where they are free to utilize THEIR own resources in any way they see fit.

  • Capitalism allows for failures, not bailouts.  That’s government intervention.
  • Capitalism is not inflationary, fractional reserve banking is inflationary.  Banker credit expansion is inflationary.
  • Capitalism does not create booms and busts.  Banker credit expansion and contraction does.  Banker credit expansion is possible because of fractional reserve banking.
  • Capitalism does not mean prices are going to go up.  It usually means, all things being equal, that because of efficiency and improvements in production, prices go down as goods become more plentiful.
  • Capitalism does not occur where bankers are protected by the government.
  • Capitalism is not corporate subsidies or corporate welfare.  That is cronyism.
  • Capitalism is not welfare.  That is the nanny state Ponzi scheme.  When governments promise things (money) that are not sustainable in the long run that is political vote buying.  That requires the theft of funds from the productive to be given to the unproductive (whether their fault or not) in the most inefficient way possible.
  • Capitalism is not when the governments and central planners direct the economy.  That is socialism.
  • Capitalism is not central banks, government, and multinational corporations colluding together.  That is fascism.
  • Capitalism is not the violation of private property rights by environment lawsuits and government regulators.  That is how ideologues deprive citizens of personal liberties and how governments justify theft.
  • Capitalism requires the protection of private property because without private property there are no resources to be invested to create goods to meet the desires of the peoples who interact in a market.  The system that deprives people of private property and against the freedom to utilize one’s own resources and the consequent deprivation of liberty is called communism.
  • Capitalism requires an entity to make a profit, because if it not profitable, it is not sustainable.  So it is very concerned with profits, which means production to meet the needs of consumers.  Bureaucracies and public sector unions are NOT concerned about profits via production.  They are only concerned about being profitable via taxes and regulations (theft).
  • When the economy is primarily financials and government employment it is not capitalism.  Capitalism is production of capital and consumer goods.

My main beef is this.  People use the American economy and capitalism interchangeably which gives the progressives, liberals, and socialists, as well as neo-cons, constitutional conservatives and tea-party activists the wrong ideas.  America is not capitalist, nor is the present American economic system.   And America is not failing because of capitalism; it is failing because it is reverting to central planning collectivism and moving away from capitalism.


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His lies easily exceeded Bush’s. Romney will have to work hard to out do the lies of Obama. But history is on his side.

Reblog from the fabulous Michael Krieger @ http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/


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Don’t Vote for Gary Johnson…

  1. Because we need economically clueless Keynesians  to remain in control of the Too Big To Fail banks and continue the charade of debt as money.


  2. Because the bankers won’t be able to continue the plunder of the American people 
  3. Because the government would not be able to protect the bankers while they plunder the American people 
  4. Because if  Johnson were elected it will deprive the democrats and republicans from the opportunity to break their promises
  5. Because HE might actually do what he says 
  6. Because he actually believes the constitution is the law of the land and does not merely giving it lip service

    Do they know what it says? Or even care?

  7. Because he doesn’t use the word “leadership” in every other sentence while providing none
  8. Because he knows what is really coming and does not live in a normalcy biased induced fantasy dream world and call it “recovery” 
  9. Because he will actually tell you the truth.  
  10. Because he actually knows we are insolvent as a nation.  
  11. Because he understands that we cannot continue to spend more than we take in without ultimately destroying entitlements, all welfare, the military and our standard of living.  He is liable to take very painful corrective action NOW rather than allow the country to destroy itself LATER.
  12. Because he won’t allow the government to use force on the people to keep them in line during the coming period of civil unrest.  All those hollow point bullets won’t find a home in someone’s chest or head. 
  13. Because he believes the constitution should trump unconstitutional executive orders. 
  14. Because the American people want bread and circuses rather than honesty.
  15. Because the republicans will not be able to deceive us into believing that neo-con war mongers are constitutional conservatives.  
  16. Because the democrats will not be able to deceive us into believing that left-wing collectivist radical fifth are moderates.   Who just happen to behavior like war mongers themselves.
  17. Because he doesn’t work for the bankers like the other political parties do.  Because J.P. Morgan, Citigroup, Goldman-Sachs and Bank of America don’t want him to be president.  
  18. Because we won’t be able to participate in this Left vs. Right election farce else we will not remain duped into thinking we actually have a choice and that our vote matters. 
  19. Because it is better to throw away your country than throw away your vote on Obamney.
  20. Because he wants people to “LIVE FREE” rather than have the government supervise your life.

Just in case you don’t know because you may be the product of government run schools of propaganda, this post is meant to be sarcastic.  

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Spying on people is more about cash then drones

Why are Governments trying to remove cash from being easily accessed by the people?  They claim it is because of the wars on drugs, terror, tax evasion, and organized crime.  Well, if the Government couldn’t lie, they would have nothing to say.

I think it is quite clear there are other reasons for wanting a cashless society.

Just recently…

  • Italy banded cash transactions over 1000 Euros.
  • Spain bands cash transactions over 2500 euros.
  • Mexico restricts real estate to ½ million pesos ($38750) and other items to 200,000 pesos ($15,500) – 5 years in jail for using cash.

Forcing people into the banking system has three main benefits for governments and their partners in plundering.

  1. Electronic transactions leave a digital trail that can be readily followed by the state
  2. Large quantities of money already fleeing insolvent countries can be traced and restricted so people cannot secret away their hard-earned income in places where it cannot be plundered by the state
  3. Banks can make money on every credit card transactions and other fees to further prop up the insolvent Fractional Reserve banks

The whole point of a cashless economy is to make even the most intimate economic affairs of private citizens transparent to the state and its fiscal and monetary apparatus (like the IRS), who themselves hate and fear transparency like vampires do sunlight (Salerno’s words, not mine).

The relentless war against cash payments waged by governments worldwide has perhaps gone furthest in Scandinavia. The ostensible reason given by our rulers for suppressing cash is to keep society safe from terrorists, tax evaders, money launderers, drug cartels and sundry other villains, real or imagined. But the actual aim of the recent flood of laws rendering cash transactions less convenient or limiting or even prohibiting them is to force the public at large to make payments through the financial system in order to prop up the unstable fractional-reserve banks and, more importantly, to expand the ability of governments to spy on and keep track of their citizens’ most private financial dealings.

Read the entire article here…

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“When I came into this police force I wanted to help people, but the civilian population, they’re being hunted.  They’re being hunted and we’re being hated.
– NYPD Officer on the Department’s Feudal “Stop and Frisk” Policy


Courtesy of Mike Krieger over at Libertyblitzkrieg.com

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US Military Bases: National Security or Empire?

There are 761 US Military Bases across the planet. 156 Countries with US bases. 46 Countries with no US presence. 63 countries with US Military Bases and Troops. 7 Countries with 13 New Military Bases since 09/11/2001. In 2001 the US had 255,065 Troops Posted Abroad.  Source: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_US_military_bases_are_there_worldwide  But there may be more as nobody seems to know for sure.

Why does the U.S. Government have so many military bases on foreign soil?  National Security?  Get real.  China, our biggest “threat”, has done.  Old Russia has closed most of theirs.

What we have is far in excess of national security needs for a nation.  But what we have is not adequate for an empire.

This empire is so large and expensive, that fiat currency is the only way to fund it.  The empire must maintain the “value” of the fiat currency used, which is, of course, the US Dollar or Petrodollar.  (By “value” I do not necessarily mean worth, but desirability)  If you want a quick understanding of the petrodollar, go HERE

Once Nixon took us off the Gold-Exchange standard established in 1944 in Bretton Woods, NH, the US needed something else to maintain the dollars desirability.  If it is not desirable, it is not valuable.   If it not valuable, no one will want it.  If no one wants it, no one will buy US Bonds.  If no one buys US bonds, the government cannot live beyond its means.  If it can’t live beyond its means, it can’t go into debt.  Ergo, If it can’t go into debt…

  • It can’t pass on most of the inflation due us to other countries so the people of other countries can riot instead of US Citizens (think Arab Spring).
  • It can’t make promises like social security, Medicare and Medicaid and other UNFUNDED liabilities (121 TRILLION and counting according to the US Debt Clock).

    This is probably underestimated. The real value may be closer to 222 Trillion. Clikc here to find out why.

  • It can’t bail out bankers on Wall St. which need to stay afloat so that they can foreclose on your home.

    Officially 700,000+. But there is a huge shadow inventory the banks are holding back for “book keeping” reasons (insolvency).  If they hold it to long, the foreclosed with become squatters and move into empty houses in spite of the banks.

  • It can’t subsidize public education; else people will become educated in the “wrong” subjects, especially economic subjects.
  • It can’t fund the military industrial complex to make war on small countries for not using the petrodollar.
  • It can’t use money to control main stream media propaganda to convince our citizens and especially our military that we are fighting and sacrificing lives for the cause of democracy, protecting the constitution, and defending the weak from the powerful while hiding from them the truth that they are defending an empire.
  • It can’t help international bankers profit by making endless war.
  • It can’t fund its Utopian welfare state nor buy votes with promises backed by bank credit.
  • It can’t finance its ever growing police state to protect the government from its citizens and civil unrest.
  • It can’t distract people with bread and circuses (sports, reality TV, war, etc.)
  • It can’t send money to demonize people who express viewpoints not sanctioned by the government.
  • It can’t transfer the wealth of the private sector to the public sector so that it can continue to grow.
  • It can’t destroy free markets and wealth creation by destroying the incentive to save (capital as in capitalism).
  • It can’t plunder the peoples wealth and resources via inflation lest you have the means to resist them.
  • It can’t endlessly expand at your expense.
  • It can’t leave you and your children holding the “bag” for all debts incurred.
  • It can’t make endless laws to be used to entrap you if you get out of line.

Much more could be said, but I am tired.  So I will leave you with a quote from a domestic terrorist, Abraham Lincoln

We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

And an interesting video identifying the wizards behind the curtain and worth a watch…

The Enemy of Humanity

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The trickle has become a stream.  And the Stream will soon be a River.

As the criminality of politicians, government bureaucrats, the evolving police state and the To Big To Fail banks are closing in on US citizen-serfs in an ever increasing effort to plunder and fleece them, those that can are leaving our shores and looking for safe harbor for themselves and their families.

In fact, this came in my email this morning…

Expatriation Guide: How to Divorce the U.S. Government

Expatriate web sites and “how to” guides are springing up everywhere.  Here are a few from a quick “google”…


http://tdvpassports.com/ – 5 different countries offered

http://www.expatexchange.com/expat/index.cfm?frmid=212&tpcid=3326792 – Complete coverage of what you need to do

http://nation.foxnews.com/wealthy-people-leaving-us/2012/06/24/more-wealthy-americans-voting-their-feet-fleeing-us – even FOX noticed


http://www.caseyresearch.com/crpmkt/freeSignUp?p=ExpatGuide.php&pub=cdd&ppref=FSO067ED0510A&success=true – free download guide



http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/26/us/26expat.html?_r=0 – and even the very corrupt and worst paper in the world, i.e., the New York Times started noticing  2 years ago no less


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