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While DC Police and Park Service try to determine if Adam Kokesh has broken any laws regarding loading a shotgun in defiance of US Governmental Tyranny on DC or “Federally owned soil”, what they should be asking instead is, do DC and Federal laws and regulations violate the 2nd amendment?  The 2nd Amendment was written in plain language.  It is so plain that even law enforcement hirelings, federal prosecutors and Supreme Court Justices should have no trouble understanding it.  Misdirection, sophistry and ad-hominem arguments do not change the meaning of infringement.    As Paul Craig Roberts explained, patriotism is not loyalty to the government (as taught in government subsidized schools), but it is loyalty to the constitution.

American patriots, who feel that they should be on “their” government’s side regardless of the facts, would do well to remember what true patriotism is. For Americans, patriotism has always meant allegiance to the Constitution, not to the government. The oath is to defend the Constitution against enemies domestic and foreign. The Bush and Obama regimes have proven themselves to be the Constitution’s worst enemies. It is not possible for a true patriot to support a government that destroys the Constitution. The United States is the Constitution. Our country is not the Obama regime, the Bush regime, or some other administration. Our country is the Constitution. The Constitution is our country. – Paul Craig Robertsmore…


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