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I’ve had a real problem with deer.  My children and I have enjoyed seeing them, taking pictures of them, being surprised by them and even feeding them from our hands.  That all changed once I started gardening.  Graceful animals with hellish destructive tendencies when it comes to vegetable gardens.  They have no problem trampling some plants to get to others.  Nor do they mind uprooting them in order to see if they like them.  They are also rather stupid.  They will uproot or taste something over and over again whether they liked it or not.  Because maybe it might taste different the next time?  Bite into a green tomato.  Don’t like it so spit it to the ground and try another green tomato.  They seem to trample things just for fun.  They are very annoying and if it were legal here, shooting them would not bother my conscience one iota.

Commercially, there is a small assortment of rather expensive chemicals that are suppose to cause them to avoid an area like Coyote urine as once example.  They are usually expensive, the results are marginal and I am concerned about the ingredient list in some cases.  In order to maintain an approach to gardening that is as organic as possible I searched the internet to see what others are going.  Having done that, I came up with what seems to be working quite well so far this year.

The Concoction…

The ingredients I use are mostly what I have on hand.  I ordered a few items from Amazon as well.  So here is my version of a combo natural insecticide and Deer-B-Gone.

1 Quart Ball Jar

2 tbls Murrphy’s Oil Soap

2 tbls chili power

4 or 5 cayenne peppers (red) from the garden – you can just use the chili power or the peppers, I use both.  Of course, habanero would be better.

1 teap Neem Oil for the bugs – aids in a slow miserable death (I hope)

2+ tbls minced garlic – fresh would be better but the garlic in olive oil I use is plenty strong

Hot water.  Mix, shake well.  Let it sit for a day.  Mine sits for a lot longer as I sometimes forget about it.  No harm, very foul stuff though.

After it sits, I strain it into a spray bottle.  I use a bit of weed barrier garden fabric I form into a funnel and pour it into a one or two cup Pyrex measuring cup.  Then it gets poured into the spray bottle.

One caveat.  And I am not completely certain of this but I made the mistake of spraying a whole tomato plant.  The plant had 5 nice large fruits developing and many flowers ready to be pollinated.  The fruits are doing fine but after spraying the plant the insects stayed away and no more flowers set fruit.  I am not certain of this as the cause but it seems likely.  I will just be spraying the set fruit from now on and not the flowering areas to see if that makes any difference.

Also, the calcium carbonate seems to be working very well preventing the tomatoes from cracking.  Also be aware that some people say to use baking soda in the mistaken believe that this a good cheap source of calcium carbonate.  It is not.  Baking soda is sodium carbonate and too much can burn the plant.

The Epson Salt spray also salvaged my cucumbers from the yellow bloching.  I lost two cucumber vines to the yellow bloch.  All the leaves eventually wilted and the plant gave up the ghost.  Saved the rest with a quick shot of magnesium from the Epsom salts.


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As rapidly changing technology alters the external culture of mankind, it has almost no effect on the philosophical and moral underpinnings of that same culture.  Technology only seems to place into the hands of the ruling classes better weapons to control and enslave the masses.


It is not that technology itself is the problem as the Unabomber thought.  On the contrary, technology has been a great boon and an enormous aid to many of mankind’s dilemmas.  Think of the advances in medicine, communication and travel.  Even crop rotation and the wheel, two very ancient technologies, are still with us, and it is doubtful for the foreseeable future, that men of any culture will decide to do without them.  But the same wheel that made it possible for the farmer to bring much more of his harvest to market also made it possible for the Hyksos to develop the war chariot.   So technology itself is really quite neutral (including guns).


The real problem of mankind is plain old arrogance.  Even the brightest and smartest among us is extremely limited in the scope of their knowledge.  And knowledge itself does not mean that one is morally superior to a less knowledgeable individual.  Often it simply means the better educated ones among us often become “more cleaver devils” as C. S. Lewis observed.

Yet, for some reason, mankind has equated knowledge alone as the primary ingredient that qualifies them to rule over their fellow man.  But it is not just any kind of knowledge.   It is the knowledge of using and manipulating people (which in our day we call politics).  It is the knowledge of how to utilize the time, energy and resources of people, how to motivate them through fear or “righteous” indignation, and how to use force to control them through intimidation and violence.  It is fueled by ambition and perhaps the desire to be worshiped, i.e., the political sociopath.

To make matters worse, far worse in my way of thinking, people actually are trained to look up to their enslavers and manipulators as heroes, guides and leaders.  These “political” monsters transform themselves into national or ideological saviors.  To do this they must control society.  They must view society as a collective and must filter the information that society receives.  That is the real reason behind “free” public education.  The state school is the injection point where propaganda is mainlined into the thinking of a culture.  Certain items are omitted (such as the 2nd amendment in the USA, as well as how to spot logical fallacies) and some things are redefined (such as materialistic philosophy masquerading as science – anyone say category error?).

However, to control society, an army of bureaucrats must be hired to work out and administer the methods of collectivism and control.  These bureaucrats must be paid for but the state generates no wealth.  So now the state must justify its existence in order to grow.  And as the state grows it must supply greater and greater justifications for its ever increasing encroachment into everyday life, and by encroachment, I mean taxes, regulations, penalties and fines.  The acceptance of the state’s encroachment is infused through the education system and the state influenced media, hardly a shocker.  To provide justifications for its endless expansion, the state hires intellectual “prostitutes” from elite state run institutions and brands them as experts. Consequently they appear on the state influenced media to declare how the (non) “thinking” should perceive things.


The state always reasons that the purpose of the state is higher than the rights of individuals so they increasingly come to regard individual liberties, first as hindrances to overcome, then as obstacles to “progress”, then finally the rights of individuals are labeled “immoral” and even “deviant” and even “dangerous” to the purposes of the state.  Only the state and its tyrannical bureaucratic apparatus are capable of holding a higher moral purpose to the minions who come to worship at the altar of government.

All tyrannies, whether Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, Stalin’s Russia or the current American Empire (at least since WWII), have been warned from the Bible (I Sam. 8), from sound economic reasoning (Austrian) and from clear thinking individuals throughout history (founding fathers anyone?) of the dangers of the collectivist state.  Yet, somehow, in the great false believe of our evolved superiority and our possession of greater knowledge than those who have tried the same old tyrannical crap in times past, the collectivist believes that this time they will succeed, that this time, it will be different.  But no, this time, it is still arrogance, this time it is still moral stupidity, this time it is still false hope, this time it is still worship of the wrong savior.

And speaking of saviors, the Jews in Jesus’ day wanted Jesus to provide the same old political solution, make war and through off the hand of the tyrant and establish a state where these same Jews would be in power.  Then the horrors of state sponsored misery could have inserted another chapter into history from which no one will learn.

It is said that Christ will come back to judge the nations.  I don’t think he will be coming back to count number of churches or missionaries each country has sent out.  But I am sure that, in some way, He will measure the moral blight of the state.

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Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh – Jeremiah

First: The “Progressives”


I have noticed how both the left and the right engage in putting all their hopes into either government or politicians.  I work in Washington DC and live nearby.  I have seen first hand the “Occupy DC” buffoonery and antics that went on here.  Some of the staff members where I work occasionally stopped by the Occupy camp to deliver food to the participants.  The police state apparatus was unusually patient with them.  I read nearly all their banners and posters.  I listened to a few interviews via local news channels and on YouTube.  For the most part they are of the more idealistic progressive left, horribly misinformed about economics and prescribed as the cure the same thing that got us into this mess in the first place.

To a man (or woman or transsexual) they wanted the government to do something to the Wall Street Bankers.  They rightly viewed J P Morgan, Goldman-Sachs, Bank of America, HSBC, Morgan-Stanley, CitiBank, etc. as the enemies of the 99% for which they claim to represent.  I did in some ways identify with them to a degree, but only because as a youth I was a dope smoking, LSD using hippy from the late 60’s who thought that Woodstock was an iconic cultural event that “defined a generation”.

However their prescription for economic salvation and social justice (the code word for Marxism) is more regulations and government intervention, the very things that caused the problems to arise in the first place (from the numerous attempts to establish a central bank to the unconstitutional delegation of legislative powers from Congress to the bureaucracies to the steady stream of unconstitutional and therefore illegal executive orders).  These people only see that the banks bribed some politician (almost certainly a republican) to create a loop-hole in the law or look the other way, as if this is a recent problem only arising in the last decade or two (starting with Ronald Reagan or the first Bush of course) or because of the repeal of Glass-Steagall, etc.

Frequently they will claim deregulation caused the problem and that there is a great need to cap salaries, and of course, redistribute wealth.  They seem to have be clueless regarding economics and appear unable to follow a chain of logic that would reveal the stupidity of such actions.  Their worship of government is so adamantine that it is beyond the pale of reason to dissuade most of them.  They put their hope in the “muscle” and “enforcers” in the vain hope they may prosecute the “dons”.   All they may get is the occasional sacrifice to appease them.

It seems comprehensible for them to link the ability of government to spend far beyond their revenue stream (i.e., the illegal wealth confiscation of the tax system) with the banks. They favor central planning which is what centralized banking is all about.   Their never mention the centralize planning and fractional reserved banking (another form of fraud) as the power core of both Wall Street’s and the government’s ability to plunder the 99%.  Without it, the government could not buy votes through the welfare system and could not sustain the military-industrial complex, and terrorize the American citizen via the IRS, NSA, and the EPA.  Without it, they could not hire armies of bureaucrats to do their bidding, bribe state and local governments and police the world to ensure monetary hegemony.  Without these features of the banking system the petrol-dollar and reserve currency status could not have been obtained.   Our standard of living is more a product of banking fraud and monetary hegemony than American exceptional-ism.

Progressives have the wrong premise from the beginning.  They are collectivists which is the basis or root from which fascism, communism and every variety of socialism, slavery and oppression grow.  It doesn’t matter if it is run by theist or atheist.  They use collectivist justifications for the government to trample on the rights of the individual.  They believe this justification gives them the moral high ground to turn a blind eye to governmental lying and plunder and war.   They talk of justice but in its place substitute control.  They generally believe in their own moral and intellectual superiority yet cannot put a chain of cause and effect reasoning beyond two or three links economically speaking.  How does someone who believes in moral relativism come to believe they have the moral high ground anyway when there is no baseline to measure from anyway?

Second: The “neo-con Tea Party”


Most people do not seem to know the difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic, hence we have become increasingly collectivist in our thinking, courtesy of state sponsored education via the public school system.

Now, before I go further, a further distinction needs to be made.  When I use the tern “neo-con” I mean those who claim to be conservative but still look to a particular politician or propose some expansion of government as part of the solution to all our ills.  In other words, their solution is nothing more than governmental intervention.  Their hope is in electing the right people from the right moral background who will implement the right laws and reform the right institutions and place the right judges on the courts.

An acquaintance of mine, whom I would consider a very brilliant fellow, falls into the same collectivist trap as does the “progressive”.  He is well educated, which is a shocker since he has advanced degrees in multiple fields, is very well informed about political, ethical and military issues.  Unlike the average progressive who fancies himself an intellectual, he actually is.  He is a retired army chaplain who has had Generals seek him out for staff positions, an expert in suicide counselling, is well read, possesses endless energy, very diplomatic yet is candid and I would wager could hold his own in any debate with any “progressive”.

In conversations I have had with him, he will frequently give expression to some great change that is taking place or is going to take place because a new election has put in some better people or some “statesmen” (as opposed to a politician) has said some remarkable thing.  Occasionally we get together to discuss issues and because he has access to various members of congress he seems to constantly be pumped up with false hope.  Last time we got together he told me that congressman so-and-so said to him “not to give up on them (congress, the political process)” because “there are giants” (great statesmen).   I simply told him it is already to late.  They will not be able to so anything about the economic collapse heading our way.  Worse yet, they are either ignorant of economics or are Keynesians (as are all who hope in government) .   No amount of “take back America” rallies held by Mark Levine or Sean Hannity will help.  Indeed, they just breed more false hope instead of leveling with the American people.

To make matters worse, many religious conservatives believe that will be just “raptured”, escaping the whole sordid mess at the “last trump”.  They have not prepared themselves nor their neighbors nor their congregations for what will surely come but instead take refuge in a patently ridiculous eschatology.  The lives of American’s are about to change for the worse yet they remain clueless, preaching self-image repair as they play church.  Perhaps the idea is to feel good about yourself as you watch your children starve and it dawns on you that everything the government, both political parties and much of the church has been telling you are lies and false hopes.

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From Zero Hedge…

French Senior Socialist Demands Government “Not Bow To Calls” For Syria Attack Vote

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 09/02/2013 – 07:59

While the US pro-strike coalition is crumbling following last week’s UK vote that dealt a humiliating blow to PM Cameron,followed by NATO, and most recently by Germany announcing it would not take part in a military action against Syria, it was time for a lonely voice of support for Obama’s delayed “surgical strike” request to the global community which Syria promptly called a “historic American defeat.” It came from France where a senior government Socialist and chief of the foreign affair committee, Elisabeth Guigou, announced the government should not bow to calls from opposition figures to have lawmakers vote on whether to take military action in Syria.

Yeah, well there you go.  A “progressive, liberal, morally relative collectivist” taking delight in the defeat of a “progressive, liberal, morally relative collectivist”.

As usual, the french get it wrong.  This is not a “historic American defeat“.  It is a “historic American Government defeat“.  The non-socialists, non-fascist, non-communists, non-collectivist, non-statist citizens of America are delighted.  If that’s not clear enough, then perhaps it is a “historic rouge socialist American Government defeat” or a “historic American anti-constitutional criminal Government defeat“.  Anyway, our ruling elitist big-government (whether progressive or neo-con) lying, thieving, murdering, inflating war-mongering parasites who exercise tyranny by force and fear are no different than the morons who currently run ancient Gaul.   The only difference is envy.


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