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During the “Government Shutdown” where approximately 15% of the government was actually shutdown (and of course the parts shutdown were calculated to cause maximum visibility), I heard numerous statements by Federal workers and from the government’s dependency class (those who had their votes bought in exchange for handouts).  The statements made, were for the most part, delusional.

One comment continuously aired on the radio was from a furloughed women saying to the effect that they (politicans? new media? the public at large?) did not respect their (federal employees) service to the country.  Well, this is not so.

  • First, her (their) service is not to the country, it is to the government.  There is a certain class of people that, because of an improper public education, equate the government with the country, a mistake that the founding fathers would not have made.
  • Second, the money she receives comes from the private sector, not the government.  Our government has money to pay for her service only after the government has taxed, regulated, and fined the real economy (extortion, plunder, “protect”).   Well, they also debase the currency by printing it out of thin air at the Federal Reserve.
  • Third she, like most people, whether public or private sector, fails to understand that, in order for government to expand or to give out pay rises or provide for their excellent benefits, the real economy, that is to say the private sector that actually makes of value, has to shrink.  When ever the government expands, regardless of the justification, the real economy has to shrink because that is where real money is.
  • Fourth, she two weeks of “suffering” does not compare to the decades long suffering the government has inflicted upon its own citizens, sorry, I mean debt slaves, who must put up with Federal plunder and coercion that pays for her benefits as she writes or enforces economy killing regulations upon the rest of us.

Then there was the gentlemen who claimed that the republicans shut down the country.  Again, it was 15% of the government, not the country, that was shut down.  This is either an old world European and totalitarian mindset what our founders carefully avoided.

To be fair, this women, like most federal employees, are just trying to make ends meet, to pay bills, mortgages (death-grip) and put food on the table for their families.  No doubt they view their “service” to the government as noble and perhaps even sacrificial.   But their beliefs do not abrogate the truth.  They do not see that they are playing a negative role pushing the COUNTRY towards economic collapse.  At that point, they will need real skills to survive, not the skills common to the federal bureaucracy.

Perhaps they should read When Money Dies by Adam Ferguson to see what may await them.


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From New Zealand…

I teach Chinese students here in New Zealand. Each morning I like to ask them what they did, or what’s in the news.  Yesterday, one rebellious one – he likes to think he is anyway – an 18 year old recently-graduated school kid, said Obama postponed the American crash.  The others looked on, quietly sheepish.  I probed him a little, and he said with an evil glint in the eye, “China is waiting.”  “Waiting for what?” I asked. “Waiting to buy America.”  And he laughed.  The others continued the same sheepish look.  Then, I took out three silver coins and said, “Hey, I am ready too.”  Then all the class laughed. Every one of these kids knows what is going on.  They are shy to talk about it with me as I am a Westerner but once they realized ‘I was one of them’ the floodgates opened.  Once of them said that the longer America postpones the inevitable the more time we have to prepare ourselves to take advantage of it.  I could not believe it.  These 18-20 year olds are smarter than the people they have here teaching them economics (this is a business school). I kid you not.

This will surprise most Americas who get their news from the main stream media like CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, FOX or who…

  • believe that government statistics are true (I mean any of them)
  • rely up information from Wall St. or Bloomberg or Yahoo Finance
  • believe the load of crap emanating from the Federal Reserve chairmen and governors (including, no, especially Janet Yellen…See HERE)

I told one of my step-daughters about 2 years ago, China and other countries will stop buying our debt (treasure bonds) leaving the FED as the only major buyer.  All of my children, step children, children-in-laws (with the exception of my son) are strickened with normalcy bias (the belief that all things will continue as they have).  Their view of history is short and they think that this time what has happened in history will not happen here, or that somehow we have evolved to a higher place and are better suited to make collectivism work or they believe in American Exceptional-ism or some other such rot.  After all, I am old and they are young and know everything and can google and tweak and have nifty gadgets.

For whatever reason they think that we Americans are resourceful and will find a way to avoid the predicted oncoming disaster.  But economic laws cannot be continually violated without consequences, and those consequences are being stored up and hidden from most of us by our lying government and news media.  The severity of these consequences continues to accumulate.  When the dam does burst, it will make the great depression look tame by comparison.

Everything will change in a day and Americans will sell any and every item they have acquired for food and toilet paper.  To have something to barter with will make you a king.  Having a lot of US currency will make you a pauper.   EBT cards, pensions, social security checks, Obamacare will all be gone.  Instead, government employees and the voters they bought via welfare will riot to no avail.  Pensioners and Social Security dependents will starve.

There are signs leading up to this but they will be ignored.  They already have been.  Normalcy bias is everywhere…

2 Peter 3:3-4: Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,
And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

Seems like everybody has a short memory or are ignorant of what has gone on before.

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If you have not heard of Bitcoin, then it is time to become informed…

Bankers Worst Fear

However, there are problems not addressed in this video.  This guy (Daniel) orders a computer on line just like Amazon.  No problem, for now.

But what happens in a currency collapse?  Will bitcoin be safe?  Well yes, it will, but it may not be of any help to you because…

  • How do you use it to buy FOOD?  Even if you order supplies, how will it arrive when all shipping is down because the truckers, who do not buy their gasoline with bitcoin, fuel their vehicles?
  • How does the farmer fuel his columbine or tractor or harvester?  His currency won’t spend.  So he takes his electronic digital bitcoin to the nearest gas station to get petrol?  Really?
  • However, the gas station has no gas because the truckers that deliver the gas can’t buy fuel to put in their trucks to transport the rest of the gas when the currency collapses.

In a currency collapse the delivery system goes down.  So it may be difficult for those of us who have our gold and silver stored in a “safe” location to drive to brinks Canada or fly to Switzerland to acquire it.  Brinks will probably not be bringing it to you either.  So all your wealth just sits their as it “waits” for you and your family to slowly starve to death.

Even people who say they are prepared by placing their money outside the system are making a lot of assumptions that will simply prove to be fallacies when the dollar dies.  We will see soon enough.

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