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The destroyer of worlds

The destroyer of worlds

Destruction of Freedoms Accelerates and not a word from the main stream media, i. e., the government’s propaganda machine.

The unconstitutional delegation of law making to Federal agencies continues. Some how, some way, we the people need to arrest federal bureaucrats and those who enforce their unlawful laws. If not, there will be bloodshed.


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Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind

Keynes said not one in one-million can detect it (the deception).

The owners of the present system are positioning themselves to do it all again when the currency collapses.

Soldiers go to war, not to spread democracy, as they are told, but to ensure this system of plunder is sustained.

Cops enforce laws, not to protect citizens, but to threaten and control them so the do not become a danger to the system.


Americans (and people of every country that has a central bank) are slaves.  Their wealth is slowly being stolen from them.  As their wealth is transferred to the system, they will have fewer options and fewer choices, until they have none at all and their freedom is gone.

The stupid ones will turn to government for help even though it was government that caused it.  This is where tyrants and dictators come from.

The stupid ones will be tweeting, facebooking, and watching American Idol until the very last minute.

The stupid ones will be amusing themselves until it is too late.

You don’t have to be one of them.  Start here by understanding what is happening.


Larry Moe Curly
Larry Moe Curly

Many people are following the advice of David Ramsey, Suzie Orman or Ric Edelman.  These are some of the more “high profile” experts on “money”.  Yet what they are talking about is currency, not money (see HERE).  What they do have in spades is NORMALCY BIAS.  Normalcy bias blinds us to paradigm shifts.  It is the belief that everything will continue as it always has because that has been our experience.

These experts tell you the save for your kids college and for your retirement using traditional currency “vehicles” such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.  The DO NOT want you to know there is a currency collapse just around the corner.  That would ruin their business.

Your paper assets will go to ZERO as they ALWAYS DO.  To believe that things will simply go on as they always have is the same as being a front man for our corrupt government and agents of propaganda for the central bank.  They are preparing you to be sheared like sheep and slaughtered when you run out of wool.

To be fair, they do not see it that way.  They are probably sincere in their beliefs.  That makes them even more dangerous.  They could warn people of what is coming.  They could help them get ready for it.  However, it would end their business and their popular status as pundits.



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Paper is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist
backed by a gun aimed at those who
are expected to product it – Ayn Rand

Best series on money, currency, history I have yet seen.  VERY VERY well worth your time.  If you wonder how the government, Wall St. and the Banks, are stealing you wealth, and how they are reducing you to slavery all while violating the constitution and using force to make you comply, watch this series, open you mind, and start your escape from the Matrix.


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