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Data Mining Scam by the Government?

Data Mining Scam by the Government?

By the transgression of a land many are its princes.”  Soloman Proverbs 28:2a NASB

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” Tacitus Roman Senator and Historian


Bureaucrats have long plagued societies. They are the arm of the central planner.  Their tools are extortion which is called regulation.  Their weapons are those who are willing to use force to intimidate and brutalize.  Their targets are those who have little means to fight back because they are to busy trying to make a living or trying to survive.

They believe, that by virtue of being government officials, and are hired hands to implement the programs of government, that what ever they do, they do for the welfare of all. It is almost never the case however. The common good, the common welfare, the good of the governed, are euphemisms by which the state central planners and their army of bureaucrats hide behind to conceal their need for power and an ever expanding state apparatus.

It is impossible to introduce into society a greater change and a greater evil than this: the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder.  Frédéric Bastiat

The state needs to plunder the common man or it cannot live. It can only live in opulence when it can reach into the pockets of the common man. If the common men gets defiant, it resorts to force which it has already “legalized” via its great tome of regulation it has burdened the people with.  After all, the central planners, having archived some worthless college degree that has destroyed their common sense, and having mastered the use of law as an instrument of plunder, are ideally suited to reign from on high, utilizing an army of “princes” to impoverish the common folk.

They must do this because they manufacture no product, produce no tangible goods, and therefore create no wealth. So, in order for central planners and the “princes” (the bureaucracy) to live well, they must plunder “we the people” and be willing to use the threat of force at the sign of any resistance.

The truly amazing thing is that many bureaucrats, because of there great ignorance of the nature of the state, economics, banking, and our own history (if in the US), actually believe they are serving the governed even as they plunder them.

The bureaucrat, detached from the livelihood of the framer or fisherman or mechanic, living in some gated community, working in some centralize hive, use the rules and regulations they have created to levy permits and fees and taxes and fines.  As inflation eats away at all of our incomes, the mechanisms of extortion must increase if the central planners and the bureaucrats they employ are to maintain their “life style”.  The inflation, by the way, is being created by the FED (central banks) and the central planners of government every time they sell “bonds”.  Local governments, seeing this, also sell “bonds” which allows them to live beyond their means, expand their apparatus, and support the growing army of bureaucrats, leaving the common man on the hook for it all.  But I digress.

To see how this is done, check out the Bavuso case in York county, VA. and how “special use permits” are being used to shut down small businesses in the midst of a collapsing economy. Also the testimony of Joel Salatin about The Bonita Bill H.B. 1430 is well worth a watch.

To learn more… Virginia Food Freedom.

Or a good economic overview of the corruption of our current system, see THIS.

The truth is even during economic downturns, depressions, collapses, poverty and ruin, bureaucrats continue to destroy small businesses and diminish our standard of living, without thought, conscience or common sense. This is why government must remain small and as insignificant as possible.



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The administration is sending out their propagandists from the Federal Dept. of Goebbels to spread their malice and hatred, creating in the minds of the gullible a new scapegoat.

No, this time it is not the JEWS.  While Hitler’s influence was waning in the early years, the Nazi party went with the time-honored marginalist strategy of finding and forging the serial lies that would ultimately send millions to their death. The new Jewish scapegoat would eventually evolve into Reinhard Heydrich’s final solution.  The systematic plunder of property and liquidation of the Jewish infestation all starting with demonizing them.  The mix was simply accusations and hate speech.  The very thing the current administration is engaged in right now.

However the administration does not have Jews in mind.  They have whites, primarily males, the richer, the better.  The great unifier has sent out his minions to stoke the fires of racial hatred and entitlement.  Under the guise of political correctness they pour forth nothing but “hate speech.”  Michelle Obama, John Kerry, the Attorney General, even the former Secretary of the Treasury, clueless Timmy Geithner were reading from the same playbook, attempting to enrage blacks, illegals and gays against the Caucasian brothers (except white DNC power brokers) as if white people were a single entity with one common belief, i.e., bigotry.

The government is the disease masquerading as the cure.  They hide their failing policy, monumental stupidity, and destructive collectivism from the American people by turning one group against the other.  They have outdone Hitler, Geobbels, Himmler, Heydrich and Eichmann.

The government via the Treasury and the Federal Reserve steal the wealth of every one of us every day.  This harms the poor and those on fixed income the most.  Then it moves up the food chain, feeding next on the lower middle class and small business owners.  Since they have taken so much from so many, they must turn one group on the other so the owners of the system can remain safe and live in opulence at their expense.  After there is no more, they will need you to die.

To get a clue, start here… http://www.hiddensecretsofmoney.com/videos/episode-4

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On May 20, Russia and China may likely be penning a very significant deal involving oil and natural gas in exchange for, well, not Dollar$.  The Petro-dollar is on it’s last legs and with it will go the hegemony of the United States.  With it will also go the artificially high standard of living we as US citizens are accustomed too.  An elevated lifestyle we enjoy, not because of American exceptional-ism taught in American schools, but by plundering the world, including “we the people”, by our central bank and our very own government.  To understand how this works, see HERE which is simply the BEST explanatory video of its kind anywhere, period.

The US government has become rouge.  It has legalized its own plunder so it is safe from prosecution (for now).

Question to those who believe you should obey the law…

If a law is passed by congress, judge, or bureaucrat, but is unconstitutional, is it lawful?

Is obedience / compliance to this law an unlawful act since it is in violation of the Constitution, which is the highest law of the land?

The Constitution was not and is not meant to be so complicated that it requires a federal judge to determine what is constitutional.  They are in the pay of the federal government, hence the founders meant for the Constitution to severely restrict the federal government and create a powerful system of States that originally had the majority of rights and powers as an additional safeguard against federal tyranny which has now become a global terrorist, a usurper, and an illegal tyrannical entity at home.

Does anybody but politicians and federal judges actually believe healthcare and education and Central banks can be deduced from the 10th amendment?  No they do not.  Even the socialist and fascist supports of big government could not believe it with but a cursory reading.  They have simply disregarded it.  They are not trying to comply with the Constitution, but to obfuscate it’s meaning and keep you hamstrung by public education, an impossible to navigate legal code, and threat of force.

So here we are, stuck with a evil, power hungry, imperial government. No longer capitalistic, no longer democratic,  no longer constitutional, run by sociopaths, thinking they can plunder the world and threaten and destroy anyone who would confront its boundless evil.  Is it any wonder Russia and China aren’t playing nice anymore.

They don’t need us, we need them

de-dollarization meeting

It is hard to say what should be watched after May 20th.  Perhaps the Saudis will move with Iran towards the Russian-Chinese sphere and start taking oil for other things besides USD.  Then on August 14 we will see the end of the London Gold Fix and the final two banks bail (HSBC and Nova Scotia).   Will keep you posted if I am able.




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Washington Is Driving The World To The Final War” is simply a must read…Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

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Do you wonder why Putin is pressing the Ukraine?  Is the evil Soviet Empire back?

Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State, boasted about spending $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine and impose hand-picked leaders, and we know they are hand-picked leaders because we have it on tape.

Read about it HERE and HERE.

So who are the real good guys?  Our un-constitutional government and our pathetic lap-dog media so desperately want us (U.S. Citizens) to believe that we (our government) are the good guys and that Russia, China, and anyone else who opposes us are the bad guys.  They paint the picture that we have a “moral” imperative to intervene in the Crimea and the Ukraine.

I am not saying that the Russian or Chinese government is not vile.  Any government with a central bank is vile.  But the US is by far the worst.   Our government (not “we the people”) has pretended for so long to wear “white hats” and FED so any lies and committed such fraud upon the entire world (including “we the people”) that the good old USA has become the 21st century equivalent of the Biblical “white washed sepulcher.” Our government has become the great hypocrite of our age.

In order to insure the cooperation of “we the people”, or at least our silence and indifference, the government constantly spews endless streams of propaganda from its media outlets.  So if you tuning into CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, you will remain clueless and misinformed.  To give FOX NEWS credit, they actually had a little to say about it but stuck it in a dark corner HERE.

Note the normalcy bias demonstrated by the “news caster” just to the left of Napolitano.  A very weak show of reporting by FOX.  Silence from everyone else in the “Lame stream media.”  Thank God for King World News, Miles Franklin and Zero Hedge.

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