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Monster from the ID – The Federal Reserve


Everything is falling into place for the destruction of the current monetary system.  Unfortunately this will also destroy a lot of people’s lives because they won’t be prepared or even understand why the worldwide meltdown is happening.  

The reality is that the global fiat currencies have now started their final leg down that began with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.  Before this Great Purge is completed, all fiat currencies will reach their intrinsic value, which is zero.  There will be a panic into gold and this will save a handful of the world’s population from the coming collapse of the global currencies.

At the end of this disastrous and chaotic period, the European Central Bank and the Swiss National Bank won’t survive, nor will the Bank of Japan or the Fed.  And if the central banks won’t survive, neither will the commercial banks.

…this is the inevitable consequence of the corruption and mismanagement of the financial system over the last 100 years.   Egon von Greyerz who predicted the collapse of the Euro against the Swiss Franc 59 days ago.  more HERE…


The kind of austerity that is demanded of Greece and other European peoples is the kind that produces revolutions.

So if these countries(Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland) see that Europe will not ameliorate the hardships that have been imposed on them by these austerity programs, and these countries turn to Russia, China and India — the BRICS — you would then see a total breakdown in the EU system.  This is a system where the banks get countries in debt and then they send in the IMF to impose austerity.  The bank’s clients then buy the premier assets of these countries for pennies on the dollar.  It’s a looting process.  That’s what happened to Greece.  It also happened to Ireland.  So if these European countries realize that all they are just being looted, they will then accept Putin’s offer and turn to the Russians and the Chinese.  The BRICS can easily assist the Greeks.

If the greed and stupidity of Greece’s creditors and the inflexibility of Germany and the EU persist, Washington’s European Empire could crumble. The Dread Pirate (Paul Craig) Roberts.  More HERE and HERE.


The Greek case shows that the supposed free market is just an illusion, especially in the banking industry. The biggest private banks created a complex financial environment with complex financial destructive “tools” which governments are unable to manage. Governments are forced to turn to the same banks for “advising services” while they are flooded with former bank executives placed in key positions. This explains why the biggest private banks receive bailout packages of billions at the expense of taxpayers, loading governments with more debt.  More HERE.


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A major paradigm shift has been underway for some time.  Soon, the western banks and the governments they control will not be able to kick the can down the road much longer.  Our world is about to change.


Billionaire Eric Sprott – Entities Wiped Out Overnight As Western Central Banks Near Total Surrender

Paul Craig Roberts – EU And Banksters Threaten: “Defy Us And We Will Destroy You”

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I have a relative who loves to use moral equivocation when it comes to comparing Christianity with any thing else. What is moral equivocation? Not the formal definition mind you but in this case it is when one tries to make one thing as bad as the other so one can reject both. Sort of like (perhaps exactly like) setting up a straw man so one can knock it down.  Standard operating procedure for the closed minded who claim to be both open minded and “tolerant”.

You know, Muslims cut off peoples heads, well “Christians” burned witches.  Muslims practice honor killings, “Christians” had the inquisitions.  Islam is responsible for terrorism, then “Christians” had the Crusades.  And on and on it goes.  While such arguments are both shallow and poorly grounded in facts, they are common coin for the moral-equivocationist.  When mentioning Muslim communities always seem to try to set up Sharia courts within their settlements as a first step to establishing a competing judicial system.  The response was, well Christians did the same thing when they came over here and colonized America.  The incredible stupidity of the parallel requires a truly darkened mind.

I overheard a guy at work declare he had taken a comparative religion class in college.  He told the listeners, they were all pretty much the same.  They all had a holy book and “they” want you to believe it.  Earth shattering insight, I know.  But as long as you do not go into detail, such arguments hold weight in the superficial world of the non-thinker.


Take Christianity and Islam as examples.  First superficially, both have followers who do NOT read their Bible or Quran, who participate in the rituals and activities of church or mosque, and seem to be more secular by practicing their religion less strictly.  Then their are those who are ardent and fervent in their reading and knowledge of their holy books, where the will of God and their relationship to this “God” is central to their lives, and who reject the excessive secularness the world offers.  These two groups can be found in any sect or denomination.  Heck, they can be found in political systems too.

However, when one further refines their “query” stark differences emerge.  For it is one thing to claim to be a follower of any ideology and it is quite another to actually follow it. Take Jesus and Mohammad for example and the “serious” follower of these men.  If one is truly serious about following Christianity or Islam, then you are serious about emulating either Jesus known as Christ, the Messiah or the Prophet Mohammad (may peace be upon him) the perfect man.  From here clear differences can be seen.

Just a few examples should suffice.

Attributes Jesus the Christ The prophet Mohammad
Wage War against Infidels No Yes, on many occasions
Beheading people No Yes, many times
Assassinations No Yes
Women caught in Adultery Showed mercy Had her stoned
Wife beating N/A Yes
Pedophile No Yes
Women as sex slaves No Yes

The comparisons and contradictions are nearly endless and the differences are indeed stark. Analysis of Sharia vs. Any other law system, Christian or not, would end in the same way.  Hence, the greater the moral equivocation the more ignorant the person making it.   So, as with Europe, Islam is creeping into the US, now in Texas of all places, all under cover supplied by the equivocator.  Truth sets you free but lies enslave you.  So does Sharia.

Read more about Sharia in Texas at Breitbart News 

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From King World News…
A Terrifying Look At What The World Faces – A Number Of Dire Warnings


  • Corporate Rackets Masquerading As An Economy
  • Dire Warnings About The Future
  • $50 Oil, Ponzi Financing And The Current State Of The Union

FYI: Exxon and Mobile agitating for war in the Ukraine – see HERE

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The “rich” of this world are often lumped together with the elites of this world as the 1%.  But there are differences within this 1% and it is a difference that is very important.

Now if you are a socialist then everyone that produces an income is, or will eventually be, a target.  Of course being a socialist also means you are utterly ignorant of economics (Keynesians excluded as that is not economics).  So we will leave socialists alone to their “philanthropic” destruction of the world by plunder.

Eric Sprott: Not a member of the elite.

Eric Sprott: Not a member of the elite.

Thus, moving on, this 1% is composed of the elite rich who want to rule the world and those who are not members of the elite.  First lets identify the elite.  They are governors of central banks, politicians that make up governments and owners of corporations that provide services to banks and governments.  They also control armies of bureaucrats which fill agency after federal agency.  These obedient lemmings implement and expand the wishes of their masters.  The drones run various government agencies that regulate, fine, and steal private property in all its forms.  In addition to having their own police arms within the bureaucracies, they also use or control local, state, and federal police forces that provide force to terrorize the general population.

Hogo Salinas Price: not a member of the elite.

Hogo Salinas Price: not a member of the elite.

These “armies” use the same reasoning for doing their duty (impoverishing and destroying the lives of the citizens) as found with the Nazi bureaucracies.  They use “it was legal” and “I was just following orders”.  The enforcement powers do not protect the citizen, they enforce the laws made up by rouges who used deceit to get elected.  This is how tyranny always starts.  Corruption needs to legalize itself.  Then once legal, the enforcement powers are filled with drones who will do the bidding of the tyrant.  Public education has many purposes especially in its omissions.  They omit clear reasoning and critical thinking but make good citizens.  So we end up where Tacitus said we would.  Like Rome…

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”

The problem for the elite is twofold.  The first problem is control of the populous. In order to control the population they have to control the resources.  The average citizen needs to be put into a position so they cannot do anything more then protest.  They do not want the average Joe to have access to force.

Hence they desperately need gun control.  They need to redefining those opposing government as “domestic terrorists”.  The need to pass executive actions that allow confiscation of all assets.  They need a dependent population so they oppose any self reliance.  That’s why raiding groceries selling “raw milk” and teaching police how to escalate situations so force can be “justified” by the courts are part of the same game plan.  They need income so they push for carbon taxes because of “climate change”, want to tax the rich, they manipulate markets and the stocks of the DJIA.  Virtually anything government does that does not protect life, liberty and property is for control and enslavement of its “inventory”.

In the US, almost every action of government is overreach and is prohibited by the tenth amendment.  So the constitution becomes a “living” document, malleable to the whims of the power hungry sociopaths and the over-educated army of obedient implementers they must pay for.  If our all-wise overlords, elite central planners and sociopathic political class didn’t want to control you and I, they would need almost to money.  But because they do, they need great mountains of it, which is why they use paper currency.

Egon Von Greyerz: Not a member of the elite.

Egon Von Greyerz: Not a member of the elite.

The second is bankrupt governments.  Governments are the enforcement arm of the central planners and central banks.  What started out as a good scam, i.e., using debt to finance government and taxing the people to pay for it, has gone from manageable to nightmare for them, and everybody else unfortunately.  While they may be personally wealthy, their institutions, financial instruments and apparatuses they control are unsustainable because debt needs to grow to be sustainable.  The very dollar itself is debt, it is not money.  Or better, the money we use is debt with interest due it and somewhere down the line that interest has to be paid.  As their need to expand control grows so does the debt needed to pay for it.  They don’t want to pay for it, they want the citizens of their fiefdom to both pay for that control and to take a little off the top for their personal holdings.  This has created a debt based system that is now on the verge of collapse because of debt and leverage on that debt.  To understand this go here.

Marc Faber:  Not a member of the elite.

Marc Faber: Not a member of the elite.

So governments need to find ways to extract more money from the system.  Sometimes class warfare is used.  Like the Jews of Nazi Germany, the rich are used as the scapegoat for the liberals so called “middle class economics”.  Middle class economics like Marxist bourgeoisie physics does not exist.  It is a made up term to create class warfare.  It should be no surprise that liberals borrow from Marx.  But the problem is not the wealth of the rich.  It is politicians who have promised far to much to people and now can’t keep their promises.  It is central banks and governments that have intervened and meddled in the real economy, causing prices to rise, stealing your purchasing power, and manipulating every perception.   It is the huge pensions promised to the vast bureaucracies that are no longer affordable.  The apparatuses of government have grown so large in an effort to control the masses it is having convulsions ahead of the coming collapse of the petrodollar.  So now they must look for additional ways to plunder and impoverish their citizens.

Taxing the rich, many of which are not the elite, will not help the middle class in the slightest.  Government would consume anything they got from the rich in a matter of weeks if not days.  And it would be wasted on further expansion of the control apparatus because more needs to be squeezed from your wallet.  In any case, the rich who are in the elite will not be target of the governments they control.  No, the only rich that will be taxed are those opposed to the oppression and stupidity of the current socialist system.  The rich who support this system of debt enslavement by taxing citizens to pay for the elites debt will not be touched.

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WelfareWarfare From Warfare to Welfare, the whole spectrum of government requires one thing, money.  The money loaned to the government, so it can continue to function, comes directly or indirectly from the FED, our central bank. That is because government does not have any money and produces very little the marketplace wants.  So they either tax people directly, which is to obvious, or they borrow it from the FED.

Where does the FED get the money to loan?  They make it up.  They print it.  They alter digits on a computer.  Now, if you did that, you would be a counterfeiter.

Who authorized the bank to counterfeit?  Our government of course.  It is slight of hand to permits government to borrow without direct taxation.  So government has put into place laws to make themselves and their partner the FED the exception.  They always pass laws to make whatever they want “legal” even if it is theft.  Just as they pass laws to criminalize your existence so they can have justification for your arrest, incarceration or death, whatever is necessary. Episode4_poster The FED, or for that matter, banks in general, have no money but most people assume they do.  The banks either make it up or they multiply what is given to them, which is where we get the term fractional reserve banking.  So either they change the balance in a computer or you give it to them from which the multiply it times ten.  They can also leverage that multiplied amount using other financial instruments like derivatives.  In any case, they charge you interest on every dollar used even though it is your dollar.

Pretty sweet to loan you your own cash and charge you interest on your own money.  The Federal Reserve Note (US dollar) is simply a note of debt that has interest due on it.

All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.  John Adams

How does this debt get paid?  Most people think taxes go to paying for roads, schools, fire stations, etc.  They does not.  Taxes are used to pay off the original loan plus the interest on that loan that the government took out.

How does the government take out a loan?  They sell bonds (US Treasuries) which are also due interest.  After all, why would anyone buy them if they paid nothing to the purchasers (which are usually big banks that are connected in some way to the FED and the US Treasury).  Taxes go towards paying the interest due to the FED and to paying off the Bond holders the interest due to them.  Then the government takes out more loans to spend on keeping its minions (bureaucrats) paid and spending the rest on warfare, welfare and public works.  Those loans have interest due them too.

What happens when the interest is not paid?  You cannot take out any more loans.  So the government has to pay the interest via taxes or else the flow of money stops.  Thus the debt must be paid.  It can never stop.  But each loan has to be larger then the last one because it has to cover the original loan plus the interest due on it, else not more loans.  If no more loans, then no more EBT cards and food stamps, no more social security checks, no more federal pensions, no more military spending, no more FDIC, no more subsidies for education, agriculture, oil; no more police militarization, no more regulators, no more PBS, no more Planned Parenthood, no more American Heart Association, no more Post office, no more foreign aid.  You get the picture.

From the federal government to the municipality, they all depend on loans.  All of which have interest to be paid.  The banks grow wealthier and turns around and buys more bonds from the government because the government has to borrows more to meet its growing obligations.  And it needs more power so it can take more from the so called “inventory”, as the IRS puts it.  And you are the “inventory” they are referring to. You are required to fill their purse. give-me-control-of-a-nations-money Now we can see the utter stupidity of the Occupy Wall St. movement, welfare democrats and neo-cons.  The occupy movement actually wanted the government to take on the banks, whom the government depends on for its very survival.  Occupy has no clue what is going on (get a clue here).  They do not understand that to use the government for anything is to benefit the banks, to put money into the pockets of Wall St. Financiers, and to plunder the people further.

Unfortunately, many politicians know to place power into the hands of government is to strengthen the banks.  To want more welfare like “FREE College” is to strengthen the banks.  To go to war is to strengthen the banks.  Any call to government action is to steal from people, mostly middle class working people.  How utterly absurd to believe the government would come to the aid of the people against the banks when banking has become the foundation upon which our socialist government now sits.


Now we can also see why Detroit pays millions of dollars back to the banks yet cuts off the water of poor people.  Detroit has to pay back the loans it took out to make good on all the political promises like pensions and health care.  Otherwise the loans will stop and when they stop, so do the services which people have been promised.  And where do they get the money to pay these loans?  From the residents of Detroit themselves.  So they will squeeze (tax and fine) the people who voted them into office.  The is the route of welfare.

We can also see the need for constant US wars.  The stability of the dollar must be maintained.  If it loses the perception of value it will jeopardize the ability of the federal government to pay back its loans.  The lives of soldiers are spent in loan maintenance to the banks and a bankrupt government, while feed other rationalizations to justify the violence by soothing the conscience with morality.


Until this debt based system ends war and poverty and hunger will not.  Purchasing power is disappearing like the middle class.  Debt based money that fuels government and the banks only enrich the elite and plunder and murder everyone else.  The system must not only end, it must not be restarted after it collapses.

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One of the most disturbing films every made about government is Grey State. The director and family were found dead in what is supposed to look like a “murder-suicide”. Seems like that’s how enemies of the state end up.  Review and report from The Dollar Vigilante.

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