Kleptocrisy – the New World Order

The Joke Is On Us

The Joke Is On Us

A Financial Wipeout Is Coming That Will Shock The World As Governments Move To Control People

Very important articles on how you are being conditioned to accept the New World Order and the rule of our Central Planners, how they will cripple your access to your money and prevent bank runs. They can be found HERE and HERE.

Highlights include…

  • Two incomes necessary by design so the state can raise your children (public school).  Central Bank Inflation is used to force both parents to work while public education fills in the gap by design.
  • Massive unemployment, a war against cash and savings as governments move to control people.
  • The increasing unsafe banking system, from cybercriminals to limiting ATM withdraws will may eventually reach $100 and preventing people from keeping cash in safe deposit boxes.
  • Limiting cash withdrawals is a way of stopping the bank runs that governments know will be coming.

The other benefits of restricting cash is that governments can now totally control people’s spending.  It will also make it easier for governments to access people’s cash in order to do forced transfers into government bonds.  This will be done in a desperate attempt by governments to prop up debt and deficit spending.  – Egon von Greyerz

Keynesian Failure Inevitable 

Over the past seven years the Federal Reserve printed $3.7 (60 Trillion worldwide since 2008) trillion with the hopes of spurring economic growth. But ask yourself, who did this money actually go to?

At the onset of the financial crisis Ben Bernanke didn’t run around America like Ed McCann–knocking on doors and handing people checks to pay off their underwater mortgages.  On the contrary, the first tranche of money in the form of TARP and the AIG bailout went to banks in order to allow them to remain solvent.

Then, three rounds of QE bought distressed assets on the books of banks with hopes this would allow them to make new, less questionable, loans.  But, who were the banks supposed to lend to? Consumers were already loaded with debt because they didn’t get a Fed bailout.Michael Pento

However, the developed world’s current condition of secular stagnation is brought on by central bank debt monetization; which leads to asset bubbles, debt saturations and the desolation of middle classes. In reality, the economy is mostly suffering from the stagnating brains of those who control governments and banks.  And it is this blatant form of secular stagnation that will soon bring down the entire global economy.  Michael Pento

Stock Markets always go up during bank credit expansion – until they crash

For those with significant amounts of cash held by banks, the ominous developments suggest that time is very short to get as far away from those financial institutions as possible.  Robert Fitzwilson of the Portola Group  

The world’s financial elite ignore thousands of years of history that proves money printing never works, and everyone celebrates every round of quantitative easing with new market highs. The era of quantitative easing has spawned an extraordinary financial bubble that shares the same characteristics as the housing bubble whose origins began with the same central banks determined to give everyone a house. This bubble, like others will end badly.  John Ing

All Insolvent Governments will follow the example of Greece

History is strewn with precedent where bankrupt governments scratch and claw at anything they can get their hands on, did anyone not expect this?  Greece is mathematically broke and in the same boat as a homeowner who lost a job.  They are digging into retirement balances, the credit cards are all maxed out, they have already borrowed from relatives and are in the process of selling their furniture and anything else not nailed down.  They are broke, any monies lent to them might as well have been placed on a bonfire for the heat value because they will not be paid back.  Bill Holter


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