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Outstanding interview with Bill Holter about how people will lose everything. The Collapse of the American Empire is upon us. Trauma ahead.


What can be done?

On a national level, nothing.   The government triad (Washington, Wall St.[Central banks, Financial Services, Multinationals], Main Stream Media) is the cause, the disease masquerading as the cure.

Individually it is another matter altogether. To survive will depend, not on government, but on avoiding it, and learning to be an asset locally.  Learn a practical skill such as gardening, carpentry, making charcoal, or water purification.  Anything other than pushing paper, pushing buttons or…

…parasitic brain cell destroyers like Twitter; boiler room, pump-and-dump scams like “The Grilled Cheese Truck“; dying, bottom of the barrel fast food chains like “El Pollo Loco“; or highly commoditized, zero value-added societal drains like King.com (Candy Crush).  – Ranting Andy Hoffman.

Retirees and pensioners will be hit hardest. Then skill-less civil servants and lawyers.  The Grandson closest to me only knows Sports and iPhone skills.  These “skills” will be valueless in short order.

My best guess is second 1/2 of 2015 – 2016.  However, the markets have had near credit seizures within four days of each other.  We are at debt saturation and huge bond bubbles ready to explode.  The derivatives that rest upon them are even more massive.  1.4 quadrillion with a Q!  The great depression will be seen as a warm-up.



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Depriving the state of its money will be necessary to stop its tyranny


One of the possible collapse scenarios is that the government may move to an electronic currency once the dollar is no longer viable.  Electronic currency would force everyone to transact all exchanges through nationalized banks.  One writer surmises the following…

As the US dollar is a fiat currency and is on the ropes, the US (and any other country that is using the dollar as its primary currency when the time comes) will experience a currency emergency at the street level that will be unprecedented.

The big question that is generally not being discussed is: The day after the crash (and thereafter), what will be the currency that is used to buy a bag of groceries, a tank of petrol, a meal at a restaurant? Certainly, the need will be immediate and will be on a national level in each impacted country, affecting everyone.

And Then…

I have discussed for some time that the US will be prepared ahead of time with a new, electronic currency. This will serve three purposes:

  1. It will allow the US government to blame paper currencies for the crash, in order to distract the public from recognizing that the government itself is the culprit.
  1. It will allow the US government to create a currency system that disallows the holding of trade-able currency by the population—that is, a debit card would be created by banks through which all transactions must pass, assuring that all transactions are processed by (and thereby subject to the control of) a bank.
  1. It will allow the US government to have knowledge of every penny earned and spent by any individual or organization, allowing for direct-debit income taxation.

If the US does institute such a system, US citizens will then become the most economically controlled people in the world, overnight.

It’s likely that a black-market system would spontaneously be created by US citizens in order to bypass the new government system. A portion of daily trade would occur under the table. It would unquestionably be made illegal, and we can only speculate as to how prevalent it would become: 10% of all transactions? 30%? Anyone’s guess. Certainly, the government would crack down, and penalties might become severe.

Mark of Beast

This sounds like the closest thing to the “mark of the beast”.  So what about ID chips?  To invasive.  Evil is usually more subtle.  UPC codes?  Came and went.  Nothing to see here.  However, almost everyone uses plastic.  Removing paper from the equation will ensure complete IRS control over spending and spying.  The biblical beast always refers to an empire which the “United States of Dollar Hegemony” qualifies.  Also the Mark of the Beast is needed for buying and selling, i.e., all transactions.  I really think it a prophetic metaphor.   The “666” thing is the tower of Babel and 1 Samuel 8 revisited.  Six is the number of man with 3 sixes being man making himself god.  Man can really only do this through empire so the State becomes “God” bequeathing itself the right to regulate, control, oppress and enslave its subjects.


The black market will be the only free-market with a working price-discovery mechanism.  By this time, all the savings, pensions, and items of value will have been confiscated by bail-ins, asset forfeiture or some other means of plunder necessary to re-capitalize the government.  I have relatives who are very well off by most standards but because they refuse to see the situation for what it is and believe the propaganda endlessly spewing forth from the government controlled media (yes I wear tin foil hats) the collapse will take them by surprise and appear quite sudden.  The government will take all paper savings and try to role over all the common man’s debt into the new paradigm to ensure that you can still be controlled, milked and if need be, slaughtered.


At this point the only option short of armed conflict will be to bring down all electronic systems used for banking and spying.  After all, putting a bullet into an ATM (which if the currency is all electronic won’t be needed and really hurts the people making cash transactions more then the bank) or a security camera or license plate reader or cell tower dish is better than through the head of some federal official who may be clueless but is simply doing his job.

There may be other ways of resistance to federal tyranny but certainly the most ineffective way has been voting.  Voting has done nothing to deprive the federal monster from its funding.  And funding must be the thing aimed at.  The government must be deprived of funding as much as possible or its constitution defying illegal actions will only increase and its appetite for power will continue with its rapacious consumption of freedom.  If it is not deprived of money it cannot be stopped.



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Monster from the ID – The Federal Reserve


Everything is falling into place for the destruction of the current monetary system.  Unfortunately this will also destroy a lot of people’s lives because they won’t be prepared or even understand why the worldwide meltdown is happening.  

The reality is that the global fiat currencies have now started their final leg down that began with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.  Before this Great Purge is completed, all fiat currencies will reach their intrinsic value, which is zero.  There will be a panic into gold and this will save a handful of the world’s population from the coming collapse of the global currencies.

At the end of this disastrous and chaotic period, the European Central Bank and the Swiss National Bank won’t survive, nor will the Bank of Japan or the Fed.  And if the central banks won’t survive, neither will the commercial banks.

…this is the inevitable consequence of the corruption and mismanagement of the financial system over the last 100 years.   Egon von Greyerz who predicted the collapse of the Euro against the Swiss Franc 59 days ago.  more HERE…


The kind of austerity that is demanded of Greece and other European peoples is the kind that produces revolutions.

So if these countries(Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland) see that Europe will not ameliorate the hardships that have been imposed on them by these austerity programs, and these countries turn to Russia, China and India — the BRICS — you would then see a total breakdown in the EU system.  This is a system where the banks get countries in debt and then they send in the IMF to impose austerity.  The bank’s clients then buy the premier assets of these countries for pennies on the dollar.  It’s a looting process.  That’s what happened to Greece.  It also happened to Ireland.  So if these European countries realize that all they are just being looted, they will then accept Putin’s offer and turn to the Russians and the Chinese.  The BRICS can easily assist the Greeks.

If the greed and stupidity of Greece’s creditors and the inflexibility of Germany and the EU persist, Washington’s European Empire could crumble. The Dread Pirate (Paul Craig) Roberts.  More HERE and HERE.


The Greek case shows that the supposed free market is just an illusion, especially in the banking industry. The biggest private banks created a complex financial environment with complex financial destructive “tools” which governments are unable to manage. Governments are forced to turn to the same banks for “advising services” while they are flooded with former bank executives placed in key positions. This explains why the biggest private banks receive bailout packages of billions at the expense of taxpayers, loading governments with more debt.  More HERE.

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From King World News…
A Terrifying Look At What The World Faces – A Number Of Dire Warnings


  • Corporate Rackets Masquerading As An Economy
  • Dire Warnings About The Future
  • $50 Oil, Ponzi Financing And The Current State Of The Union

FYI: Exxon and Mobile agitating for war in the Ukraine – see HERE

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One of the most disturbing films every made about government is Grey State. The director and family were found dead in what is supposed to look like a “murder-suicide”. Seems like that’s how enemies of the state end up.  Review and report from The Dollar Vigilante.

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Returning to the past

Returning to the past

The core of what is to come will largely depend on what actions banks will be allowed to take after the US Dollar collapses into the historical dust bin of fiat currency failures (so far 100% failure rate).  People like Jim Rickards have been “warning” the west for a few years now about such collapse and has put forward the term “special drawing rights” as a new replacement for the petrodollar scam that is currently in its death-throws.

However, I think Rickards is just trying to point us towards the solution the Rothchilds and Rockefellars want.  For as the current system disintegrates before our eyes, The Powers That Be (TPTB) will attempt to re-establish an on-going system of leverage based upon fractional reserve lending and credit.  This will enable the current owners of the system to continue to legally plunder the peoples of the world even after the hegemony of the petrodollar ends.

To understand how the current system works and why your debt slavery has continually worsened please spend a few minutes watching THIS.  It will be time very well spend.  After you watch it, you will be more aware of what is really happening then 99% of Americans.  You will be part of the 1%.  Not the elite rich, but the 1% who are aware of the debt based banking scam that continues to plunder and impoverish the world’s peoples, start wars, and allows politicians to buy votes via welfare and public works.

Banksters are happy guys  if they can rid themselves of their conscience

Banksters are happy guys once they rid themselves of their conscience

Indeed, debt slavery has worked so well for governments and bankers (our all-wise elite overlords who are referred to as “central planners”) that they are attempting to front run the collapse of the system and set the stage for a New World Order (NWO), whatever that is.  But many problems are arising like the BRICS nations who do not seem to want to play nice with the current and future western banking paradigms.  Only time will tell which way things will go.

Meanwhile, the 99% of clueless people of the western empires are still assuming everything will continue as it always has, especially here in America.  You can see it in the Financial Services industry.  Faces like David Ramsey, Suze Orman and Ric Edelman, who are very knowledgeable in there fields are still dispensing advice as if all paper assets, stocks, IRA’s and 401Ks are going to be around forever.  They act as if your savings and investments are safe from government pilfering and confiscation, and that nothing of consequence will happen to the financial sector, ever.  While their knowledge of their craft may be encyclopedic, they are either ignorant of history or they believe that this time, the laws of economics, will not effect their clients.  It is an ignorance or presumption that will prove disastrous.

Financial service providers to be seen as charlatans

Financial service providers to be seen as charlatans

However, when the currency collapses, the Ramseys, Ormans and Edelmans will vanish as there plans, knowledge and advice will be rendered useless. They are likely to be seen as charlatans who were just talking their game and leading tens of thousands of soon to be angry people astray.  But this is minor and poses no threat to the people who survive the collapse.


The biggest danger is the banking and government sector.  Just as they have been the architects of the coming economic disaster they will want to reestablish in some fashion debt based money, based in some “new” and “improved” currency.  They will need to utilize fractional reserve banking in some form to restart their confidence game.  If freedom and liberty is ever to be re-established among men the survivors will need to recognize some things.

  • Any politician who speaks about anything related to government doing anything other than the protection of private property needs to be jailed, shot or hung immediately.
  • Any banker who makes a loan without that loan covered 100% by bank assets should be considered a politician (see above).

Otherwise, they will plunder and oppress again and the madness will go on and on with the debt slavery increasing, war waging, and theft via taxation and inflation increasing from generation to generation until it collapses again.

So consider these questions after it all burns to the ground and your neighbor’s children have starved to death.  Why would you place control back into the hand of the every people who caused it in the first place?  People who will propose the very same solutions?  All those who follow the experts, thrust their leaders, and place their hope in the rhetorical prowess of clever men will look to government as savior.  But that job is already taken.

Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the LORD.  Jeremiah 17:5

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Carrots of Color

Carrots of Color

While people the main stream media (MSM) call “preppers” are gathering supplies for the coming storm and its aftermath, eventually this too will run out.  Some of us are showing up late in the ball game and have not had extensive years to sock away copious amounts of survival supplies and have not been able to horde small mountains of gold, silver and toilet paper (barter items).   Money is also a very real constraint on most of us.  Many of us are living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet or borrowing (credit debt) to maintain our current, yet declining, lifestyle.

Many issues could be addressed here, but I am not an expert at guerrilla warfare, living off the land, or a former special forces guy.  Even if I had a hand-grenade I couldn’t throw if far enough and run away fast enough to be a every effective combatant in the coming social strife and chaos that will soon consume the cities and urban centers.  By blogging standards, I am ancient.

I do believe that people will have to learn how to garden.  Why?  Because you won’t be able to go down to the store.  The shelves will be as bare as old mother Hubbard’s cupboard.  Your ATM will not dispense cash.  Your debit card will not work.  Fuel may be difficult to source so your generator will run dry.  Don’t plan on mowing your grass either.  I’m glad gasoline prices are dropping but once the currency loses value, no amount of it will be eggs from the farm lady down at the end of the road, let alone gasoline for your SUV.  Better get a bike.

Sorry for the digression.  Back to gardening.  First, learn about it.  This is both easier and harder then it looks.  Easy because of things like “Square Foot Gardening”.  Harder because there are a lot of plants with a lot of nuances.  Do the easy stuff first.  Time and experience will teach you the nuances.  If you really want to survive long term and you don’t have the option to just up and move (most of us don’t), learn about permaculture.  Google “Geoff Lawton” for starters or go HERE.

But lets simplify.

Philosophy: Think beyond yourself.  Very important.  Your aim should be to overproduce.  If you grow food for yourself, you are a target, if you grow food for others, you are an asset.  This goes back to the New Testament and perhaps further.  Anyway, Jesus knows what he is doing.

Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it. Luke 17:33

Seeds: accumulate them and learn how to save them after harvest.  My step-son gave me 100 dollar gift card to a seed supplier for Christmas which was a wonderful gift.  P.s. weeds grow fast, kale grows faster.

More seeds please

More seeds please – coffee is optional

Soil: Think compost and raised beds to start with.  Fall leaves = Spring compost.

My first raised beds three seasons ago.

My first raised beds three seasons ago.

Exposure: North of the equator (like Virginia), look south.  If you have a sunny southern facing room, start plants indoors.

Indoor planting - onions

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