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Excellent interview with Max Yemets (4/12/2012) on the Financial Survival Network.  Max lived through hyperinflation when it occurred in the post-Soviet Ukraine in the early 90’s.  His web site is on my links page “How to be poor”.   Some high-lights from the interview are…

  • Obtain small amounts of silver (or gold if you can afford it) every payday.  Even if it is just pre-1965 junk silver quarters (US coins made before 1965 were made of 90% silver.  Silver and gold are not investments, they are money and are hedges against crisis.  The government cannot debase them.  When paper money (fiat currency) goes to zero, people will not accept it.  You will not be able to just pop on down to the store and get what ever you need.  He mentioned three places the small investor/purchaser can get some.  I have used them all three and all are good.
    • Provident Metals  – this is where I get most of my “junk” silver.  Often Gainesville coins will have better prices but provident comes out less expensive per OZ for small lots because of the much more reasonable shipping costs.
    • APMEX
    • Gainesville Coins
  • Hyperinflation is the debtor friend.  As inflation creeps in, debts are eventually paid off with worthless paper.  Fixed rate debts only.  Adjustable rate debts will keep up in with inflation and is the dangerous kind such as credit cards or ARMs.
  • Get away from cities, get rural.
  • Learn to grow your own food.  Start a garden.
  • Store things you will need and things you can barter with.
    • For barter you can have liquor, cigarettes, toilet paper (priceless when you have none).

Max can be found at…



His video at ReasonSilver Reason Silver – Ukraine 1993 Hyperinflation Lessons Learned” is a must listen.


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Emergency Essentials Superpail

Emergency Essentials Superpail Hard Red Winter Wheat berries

I have been buying Superpails from Emergency Essentials (EE)for about 2 months now. After searching for a source of affordable wheat berries on Amazon, EBay and “survival” sites, I found what I was looking for. 
Sometimes I can get close to their price but not their shipping costs. For example, when looking on Amazon for wheat berries, they have great variety but the products almost always come with a huge shipping cost. The wonderful thing about EE’s superpails is the shipping price. On a 45 lbs. bucket of hard red winter wheat, shipping & handling is $6 dollars! I thought surely this was an error. 
At 46.95 for 45 lbs of wheat berries + 6 dollars shipping, the total comes to $52.95 which is just under a $1.18 per pound. Other products come in much higher with $20 to $35 dollars being asked just for shipping. 
But the benefits do not stop there.

  • Wheat berries will hold their nutritional value much better then flour which has already been exposed to oxygen.
  • The wheat in the pail is already inside a mylar bag with a large (2000cc) oxygen absorber.
  • The bucket lid has a gasket and is air tight.
  • The bucket is also reusable.
 These are very study 6 gallon buckets made of food grade plastic.  Once I order, they arrive in about 10 days to 2 weeks.  If anybody knows about other deals, please leave a comment.

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I have a know-it-all relative who has opinions on everything he knows nothing about.  His opinions are always identical to the propaganda machine called the Main Stream Media (MSM).  For example, he things wife and I are crazy because…

  • We want to grow our own food because the economy is unstable.  Yet he knows nothing about the economy.  He could not tell you how inflation is caused.  He can’t even define it.  He knows zippo about the FED, Keynesian economics, the Austrian school, the history of money and banking in the US,  Bretton Woods or monetary hegemony.  But he has opinions about it.  Nothing is wrong with not knowing that stuff, but then, shut you mouth until you do.
  • We are crazy because we are storing food also.  He prefers to do nothing because everything will always continue as it always has.  Apparently history is not his teacher.
  • We are also trying to put aside extra because there will be other people who will have even less that we do and they will likely have children.  But that’s all part of the same craziness.

After all, the government doesn’t lie, inflation (whatever that is) is under 3%, unemployment is just over 8% and falling, housing will recover, and the DJIA keeps going up on no volume.  If you have a bridge to sell, he’s your guy.

We're crazy

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Permanent Press

Thanks to the age of permanent press clothing, my wife has a couple of irons she no longer uses. But I do have a use for them, although not often. I use them to seal the Mylar bags. Using the side of a level or a carpenters square (any flat metal straight edge will do fine) I compress the bag as much as I can and fold it over the metal surface of my straight edge (the ironing board) and iron away once it is as hot as possible on the dry setting. Some irons have moisturizing settings. Moisture = bad.

Iron on, Iron off, according to Mr. Miyagi.

Nothing left to do but fold and tuck. Kind of like plastic surgery.

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I purchased heavy plastic buckets rated [2]. Still, I don’t want my food touching the plastic. All buckets need a gasket for air tight sealing. All my food goes into a mylar (foil) bag with and oxygen absorber.

Usually you can get the bucket and lid for under $3 if you shop around.

Look for the gasket under the lid rim.

It is sometimes necessary to freeze grains for 3 or 4 days to make sure you don't have insect larva that can hatch out later. Then though in an oxygen absorber (2000cc for a 5 gal. bucket).

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For food to last a long time, there are four common enemies that must be contended with…

  • Light
  • Heat
  • Moisture
  • Air / Oxygen

Any one of those could spoil your stash.  These are the four you will have to deal with regardless of what ever else happens.

Of course you may also have to deal with insects and rodents also, but they are not necessarily a given.

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I pick up Ball Jars periodically.  They have a nice rubberized gasket to make a good air tight seal.  I store some of my dehydrated food in them with an oxygen absorber and store them in a dark cool place in the basement.

Ball Jars on parade

I like the wide mouth jars the best.

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