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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Justice will eventually come to the banks and the government

When I was young, I used to be a democrat/liberal/progressive.  Full of ignorant idealism, believing in good guys and bad guys and falling in love with the concepts and philosophies of the left; I became closed minded all the while claiming to be open minded.   But then, god forbid, I eventually cast off my Darwinism, partially because of logical and philosophical and presuppositional inconsistencies.  This left me vulnerable and I became a Christian (not a Calvinist – most people confuse the two).

Rejection of liberalism opened my mind, which I was told by other liberals that it was already opened.  They were closed minded too.

This really opened my mind to see another side of the story and lead me to investigate things I never would have.  Eventually I saw the evils of collectivism (socialism, fascism, and communism).  Collectivist forms of government are easily the most destructive and blood thirsty forms of government times 100 fold when compared to the Spanish inquisition or free-market capitalism.  So I became a conservative/republican.

Collectivism promoted by progressives is far more destructive.

Also eventually I figured out that republicans and democrats where pretty much following the same moronic game plan.  They both expand government.  They just want to spend the money on different things.  At first it looked like warfare vs. welfare, although that line has blurred here pretty much too.  It really turned out to be neo-cons masquerading as constitutional conservatives, which they are not.  So I became a libertarian (classical liberalism) because I began studying Austrian economics.

Constitutional Conservative or Neo-Con? Not just CISPA, but ACTA SOPA PIPA Patriot Act NDAA HR347 NDRP. Way to go Michelle.

I learned a lot from the Austrians.  Once you start learning real economics (as apposed to Keynesian “economics”) you cannot ever go back to collectivism and you see right through the crap served up by the neo-cons and the partially co-opted Tea Party and the Wall street “occupiers”.  You see government and politicians as nothing more than liars and swindlers and the monetary powers as their puppet masters.  So I’m now looking at anarchism.

Always rightly predicting where an economy will go and for the right reasons.  Their warnings unheeded.

Libertarian is a good place to start, especially if you want to be on the governments watch list.  But it does lack certain moral presuppositional underpinnings, assuming that the height of human motivation is enlightened self-interest, but it is a great place to start and far better than the socialism vs. neo-con dichotomy.

Debt, more government, more plunder, insolvency, protector of banks, warmongers. Liars and morons and idiots, oh my!

But I found anarchism to have an attractiveness because society has become full of injustice in the form of plundering the US citizen by the financial sector (BANKS) and the government who protects them.  While the average citizen-sheep is caught up with the left vs. right dialogue or are too busy amusing themselves with iPhones and American idol, the real issues are only slowly surfacing.  Most people do not want to be bothered or just want to live in their happy little isolated world.  So they reject the truth about the currents of economic disaster rapidly coming their way.  Heads in the sand will not stop reality from coming of course so most will perish when it does come but not without first turning to violence, even in amerika.

The problem with bomb-throwing anarchism is that I am now 60 and can no longer throw the bomb far enough nor run away fast enough.

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Found some of my green lettuce was munched on when I went out to check on the garden a few weeks back.   And I also took note that a rabbit was in the area.  Well, I like rabbits and have had two as pets in earlier times.  But as a gardener growing vegetables I really don’t want them around.  So I decided to take some steps…

  • Put in a solar powered motion detecting light and mounted it close to the garden.
  • Placed predator dung in and around the garden.  Actually it is Pomeranian pooh but rabbits can’t tell the difference.

That actually seemed to be working although I have to freshen up the pooh about once a week.  Not to worry, my dogs will make more.

Was working in my basement last week and there, big as life, was a beautiful red fox on the back patio.  Lovely animal.  I had seen him in the area before.

Had to fly to San Francisco Memorial Day weekend but I came back to the news that a fox had snagged a rabbit near my garden.  Sad for the rabbit, but the fox and her kits will benefit as will I.

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I have a know-it-all relative who has opinions on everything he knows nothing about.  His opinions are always identical to the propaganda machine called the Main Stream Media (MSM).  For example, he things wife and I are crazy because…

  • We want to grow our own food because the economy is unstable.  Yet he knows nothing about the economy.  He could not tell you how inflation is caused.  He can’t even define it.  He knows zippo about the FED, Keynesian economics, the Austrian school, the history of money and banking in the US,  Bretton Woods or monetary hegemony.  But he has opinions about it.  Nothing is wrong with not knowing that stuff, but then, shut you mouth until you do.
  • We are crazy because we are storing food also.  He prefers to do nothing because everything will always continue as it always has.  Apparently history is not his teacher.
  • We are also trying to put aside extra because there will be other people who will have even less that we do and they will likely have children.  But that’s all part of the same craziness.

After all, the government doesn’t lie, inflation (whatever that is) is under 3%, unemployment is just over 8% and falling, housing will recover, and the DJIA keeps going up on no volume.  If you have a bridge to sell, he’s your guy.

We're crazy

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It was a great day in gardening department.  All the tomatoes have sprouted.  I love tomatoes and have planted…

  • Black Krim
  • Black Cherry tomatoes
  • Green Zebra
  • Yellow Pear
  • Mortgage Lifter
  • San Marzano paste
  • Purple Smug
  • Super Italian paste

I may just plant one or two more.


My wonderful wife continues to endure the nasty and disrespectful conduct and slander coming from certain family members (her side).  The degree of pettiness is a little shocking to me. And the uncharitable construction put on her words and actions border on ridiculous.  She is justifiable heart broken over it.  It is just miserable for her.

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