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If one excludes the Marxist state of California, Trump won the popular vote. Now I’m no Trump guy. I don’t believe he will change much. And the coming economic disaster just up ahead can’t be headed off by anything he does. I’m more an “Anyone but Hitlary” guy, except perhaps Bernie Saunders who would probably be worse.

Never the less, Bernie, not Hillary, should have won the nod from the DNC in California. Leaked emails and a study out of Stanford show the corruption of the voting apparatus controlled by the Democratic party in California. So why should anyone in the rest of the country trust anything out of this state, which, by the way, is the worse managed state in the union with Illinois and New York right on its heals for the title. For more information on this, see the link below.

California Vote

Clearly California has corruption problems, but it also has serious mental problems. In deed, many “millennials” seem to have the inability to think critically about the subject of collectivism (Socialism, Communism). Most of the time, their thinking and reported conversations exclude well documented history and the ability to engage in any type of intellectual discussion. It does include regurgitating knee jerk insults, parroting their Marxist professors, and violence.

This lack of discussion demonstrating an inability to reason to often results in real “hate speech”. Instead of engaging in discourse over the merits of arguments presented, they dismiss them because of their origin. This is akin to someone rejecting an argument not because of an argument’s validity, but because the source comes from an African-American, or a women, or a progressive, or a conservative, or a Christian, or a Muslim, or an atheist, etc. An argument either has weight or it doesn’t. Its source my not be palatable to someone, but to focus on that simply leads to ad-hominin responses, bias, bigotry and racism.

To call a group of people xenophobic or bigots or racist is itself bigotry. But that level of thinking seems to hard to follow, with to many levels of inference for our young college educated millennials. To many of them are not aware that they are being played by the collectivists in Washington, the Media, and the academics. To many of them are being pushed and pulled like a vast group of lemmings easily controlled by propaganda. Certainly this seems to be the goal of the state.

Until the people of California learn the true record of 20th Century collectivism by studying its history, It is most fortunate for the rest of us that the Electoral College prevented California from sending the rest of the country further down the slippery slope of Socialism.

and thoughts on voter fraud from REDDIT…

My old man lives in California, and sent me his thoughts on the popular vote:
Donald J. Trump has, also, won the popular vote! The anti-electoral vote crowd, which has awakened after a 16 year hibernation period, can now put their protest signs back in the closet.
Donald J. Trump, President-Elect, has won the popular vote. When the votes from the liberal state of California are tossed out the entire political spectrum changes. Consider California is excluded from the Presidential Election of 2016.
Total USA Vote Count including California (99% reporting)
Clinton: 60,839,922 or 48%
Trump: 60265858 or 47%
Johnson: 4,152,009 or 3%
Total USA Vote Count excluding California (100% reporting)
Clinton: 54,979,208 or 46.5%
Trump: 57,114,029 or 48.5
Johnson: 3,847, 988 or 3.3%
Why exclude California? There may be a number of reasons to disqualify California…
1. It is one of 12 States that issue driver license’s to illegal immigrants.
2. While a few States permit legal immigrants to vote, California openly permits illegal immigrants to vote. Get a driver’ license get registered to vote.
3. California counsels illegal immigrants to vote for Democratic candidates.
4. California passed a State bill restricting the ability of the Republican Party to place candidates on the National Ballot. This easily eliminates the freedom to vote for a GOP candidate for the Senate.
5. California was called for Clinton one minute after the polls closed with less than 1% of the vote counted. Despite the fact California uses paper ballots.
6. With the exception of Illinois, voting fraud is common practice in California
7. California is still counting ballots and they are somehow are all for Clinton.
So if you are a Trump or GOP supporter, relax. Just throw out California, relax, smile, have comfort in the fact Trump won the popular vote along with 306 electoral votes. Oh yes, Clinton has 55 fewer Electoral Votes, Shame. Something else for the DNC to cry about.


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On the way home yesterday I was listening to the local talk radio program on WMAL (Washington, DC).  They were discussing Rand Paul’s filibuster of the “Patriot Act”.  For those who do not know, Paul is against renewing it, wants to see it’s funding stripped and its scope curtailed if not abolished altogether.

The people calling in (usually an assortment of conservatives or neo-cons) made points both for and against Paul’s actions.  The majority “stood with Paul” but there was a good mix.  Being that I do not have a cell phone (I’m dinosaurian) I could not call in.  So I was waiting to hear if anyone would be making any point remotely discussing the elephant in the room.  At least to me it is certainly THEE elephant.

Giant Sucking Sound

Nope, no such luck.  I expected as much.  The people in the DC area, while many are struggling, are used to money pouring into this area so hard times here are not hard enough for most.  After all, the federal government rapes and plunders the rest of the country to maintain the huge and ever growing bureaucracy needed to control the rest of us.

So hear goes, as I see it.

I stand with Paul, but not for the reasons mentioned on the show by the host or the listeners.  Yes, the government is to big.  Yes, the Patriot Act and the powers and funding it gives to DHS, the NSA and its satellite agencies is excessive, unconstitutional, and ineffectual.  Yes, the claims by the NSA/FBI/DHS about terror plots foiled is most likely fiction.  Yes, the data collection is more likely going to be used against Americans who challenge federal authority than a terrorist in Yemen.


But my issue is strictly the economics of it.  The government is beyond broke.  It has no “money”.  The federal government lives on credit.  The IRS collects taxes so the federal government can service the loan and interest on that loan they get from the FED.  Without this, the government cannot borrow more currency to continue its activities.  So it must squeeze the people harder and harder because the debt and the interest on the debt gets larger and larger.  Servicing the debt becomes more and more difficult.  We are now at debt saturation.   Ever thing is leveraged and hedged and leveraged again by the Central Bank and its member banks (owners).  Our government, like all governments before them, must increasingly turn to plundering and impoverishing its citizens to service the debt (pay back the bankers so the government can borrow more to meet its expenses).


The dollar, like all fiat currencies before it, will crash and burn.  All assets with the banking system will be confiscated to keep the system “alive”.  All numbers from the BLS, whether employment, inflation, GDP, DJIA, etc., are fraudulent.  I fear for my parents.  He has substantial wealth, but will lose all of it if it is not in something tangible.


We are on the edge of economic collapse that will make the great depression look like the good old days.  What is coming is nothing that I nor my children nor my grandchildren are prepared for.  Unfortunately most of them either ignore the news or get there information from the main stream media that parrots white house talking points.  Real information one can find on Zero Hedge, King World New, Financial Survival Network or the Miles Franklin Blog go unread.  Warnings from Holter, Leeb, Quayle, Stockman, Roberts, Maguire, Rule, Pento, von Greyerz, Dalio, Price, Hoffman, Schiff, Krieger, Keiser, Woods and many many others go unheeded or unknown.  The only economists that have understood and have been right are the Austrian economists over at the Mises Institute.  They are like old testament profits who’s warnings go unheeded because they are not positive, comforting and full of lollipops and unicorns.


When collapse occurs likely later this year or next, funding the military industrial complex and cutting back on the military will also occur by default.  Not only the military, but every unfunded liability will be hurt if not destroyed.  Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Pensions, retirement accounts, IRA’s, savings accounts, etc., will vanish. EBT cards will crease to work.  Jobs will vanish.  As the dollar crashes, so will the ability of politicians to control the coming civil unrest.  And civil unrest is coming because people will look to the government as savior.  That is a job the government was never suited for.  Like the thieves they are, the government only knows how to steal, kill and destroy. No more money for the war on terror or war on drugs.  No more oil or farm subsidies.  And in the end, we won’t be debating the budget of the military or the welfare state, we will be looking for food.

I stand with Rand not because I believe it will matter.  But even if there is only 0.01% it will help, I will take it.  Anything, absolutely ANYTHING, that will curtail the power of the federal government is worth a shot.  The less power they have, the less damage they can do.  That is how desperate the situation has become.

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Outstanding interview with Bill Holter about how people will lose everything. The Collapse of the American Empire is upon us. Trauma ahead.


What can be done?

On a national level, nothing.   The government triad (Washington, Wall St.[Central banks, Financial Services, Multinationals], Main Stream Media) is the cause, the disease masquerading as the cure.

Individually it is another matter altogether. To survive will depend, not on government, but on avoiding it, and learning to be an asset locally.  Learn a practical skill such as gardening, carpentry, making charcoal, or water purification.  Anything other than pushing paper, pushing buttons or…

…parasitic brain cell destroyers like Twitter; boiler room, pump-and-dump scams like “The Grilled Cheese Truck“; dying, bottom of the barrel fast food chains like “El Pollo Loco“; or highly commoditized, zero value-added societal drains like King.com (Candy Crush).  – Ranting Andy Hoffman.

Retirees and pensioners will be hit hardest. Then skill-less civil servants and lawyers.  The Grandson closest to me only knows Sports and iPhone skills.  These “skills” will be valueless in short order.

My best guess is second 1/2 of 2015 – 2016.  However, the markets have had near credit seizures within four days of each other.  We are at debt saturation and huge bond bubbles ready to explode.  The derivatives that rest upon them are even more massive.  1.4 quadrillion with a Q!  The great depression will be seen as a warm-up.


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Clueless evil in the service of bankrupt governments = Nobel Prize

Clueless evil in the service of bankrupt governments = Nobel Prize


Two important articles…

1. Eight Things Bankrupt Governments Do


  • Cyprus and Direct Confiscation – Pensions will be raided – Bail-ins
  • More Taxes Coming – More theft at gun point
  • Theft by Inflation – The poor will get poorer
  • Capital Controls – Your money is not your money
  • Wage and Price controls
  • Severe Penalties attached to Wage and Price controls
  • Increased regulation – the government will expand its financial spy network
  • War and National emergency – false flags coming



2. Spy on people, Find their money, Take it

  • Fined for not spying on people
  • Government to track down where your money is
  • Then  they will take it



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Businessman Screwed


It is impossible to introduce into society a greater change and a greater evil than this: the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder.  Frédéric Bastiat

Read the article and watch the great John Oliver describe how “We the People” have become targets of the thieves that manage our cities and keep us “safe”.

How Municipalities and Police screw you from Liberty Blitzkrieg’s Michael Krieger

And while I do not have a lot of respect for the Washington Post, they had a very good 6 part video report calling for the end of asset forfeiture by thieves we call police, judges and magistrates.

Part 1 here



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In the days preceding and following the American revolution, men and women gave their lives for the idea of a nation based upon liberty and freedom, free from the arbitrary and fiat rule of tyrants and kings.  The severe constraints that our founding fathers placed upon the new government of the United States was meant to safeguard those freedoms.  The mechanism was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Power was divided between three branches of government.  The individual States and their localities had the lions share of power and were meant to prevent the always possible usurpation of power by the federal government.  The laws was designed solely to prevent injustice such as the plunder of private property by governments at all levels.  This allowed individuals the freedom to navigate their own way, manage their property as they saw fit, and have the liberty to pursue purposes and dreams.

Law does not serve that purpose anymore.  Instead it attempts to insure equality of outcomes called by the Marxist term “social justice” rather that prevent injustice.  But this is an impossible task because one must rob, plunder or extort by force the resources of one group to re-allocate it to another.  This is how votes are always bought.  It is how sociopathic politicians stay in power.


Instead of concern for injustice, the law is now used to manage and regulate the actions of people.  To do this, people must have their options (freedoms) limited and forced into compliance by fines, incarceration, and when necessary, violence upon person and property.  It takes a lot of resources to manage people but the government, having no resources of its own must of necessity turn to plunder.

I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”
Thomas Jefferson

With this change in the purpose of law and by slow and small steps, the law has been transformed into and instrument of plunder.  The chief user of this instrument is the federal government.  To be sure, the banks and the corporations are also behind this, but it is government that provides the muscle for this axis of evil.

So what is the myth?  It is simply the belief that those that work and sacrifice for the good of the government are doing so in the service of their country.  They believe that their labor and contributions are for the country their love.  It is not.  Their sacrifices are for the government, not the country, not the welfare of the citizen who is plundered every April 15th, who is regulated so that the cost of doing business is no longer profitable, who must play the debt game designed by bankers and enforced by these same bureaucrats to make certain the tyrannical empire of the petrodollar endures forever because their livelihood depends upon it.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”  Patrick Henry

So ubiquitous has service to government been confused with service to country that to most they are one in the same.  They are not.  They are not even close.  The bureaucracies produce few goods that one can purchase and provide no service one wishes to pay for.  The use bureaucrats have is solely because our government have shackled the once free citizens with a collective compliance and debt slavery without which the bureaucrat and the agencies they work for would have little use.  Their need is artificial, required for the operation of the great machine of empire to plunder the people and intimidate the nations.


The nation born of the idea of free men has transformed itself into the tyranny of Ancient Rome.  Breads and Circuses (welfare and entertainment), endless wars to preserve empire (National Security, “Gladio”), and currency debasement (Quantitative Easing, money printing).  The government’s bureaucratic armies run a propaganda machine (unemployment rate, inflation rate, economic recovery), control markets (DJIA, Gold and Silver, S&P), and have a spying apparatus (NSA, etc.) what would be the envy of any fascist government.  Instead of securing the blessings liberty they have their finger in every pie to manage every move and have laws on the books the citizen doesn’t even know about so they can be threatened or removed as needed.

Sadly, the average over-educated yet witless bureaucrat still believes service to his government is service to the country.  This is how we are destroying ourselves.

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The police, judges, and government in general are waging war against the public.  Unlike the cartoon above, you don’t have to be guilty of a crime.  Just the suspicion that your property was involved in a crime is enough for the police to seize your stuff.  This seizure of stuff has been escalating since at least 2002.  Even the Heritage Foundation, a very conservative think tank, is catching on.  Below is one chart from an excellent article about “asset forfeiture”.  I think is it called “equity sharing” when the Feds art involved.


Click on image to read article – Civil Asset Forfeiture: 7 Things You Should Know

But wait!  It doesn’t stop there.  Cops, Judges, and “Civil” Servants need a lot of money for their salaries, huge pensions, and excellent benefits, so…


In Australia cops sit camouflaged hiding in the wood-side to trap “speeders”.  In Switzerland, speed cameras go off at 2 mph over the seep limit.  Then the fine is calculated based upon how fast you were going and how much money you make.  Well, it is better then being shot dead for no reason like John Geer was.

Bang bang, John's dead

Bang bang, John’s dead

Finally, after 17 months while Fairfax County Police and Government sat on it hoping it would go away, a reasonable judge granted a court order to release the documents.  The Washington Post writes “Friday night, under a court order obtained by lawyers for the Geer family, Fairfax released more than 11,000 pages of documents that shed new light on the police shooting”.  Really, 11 thousand pages?  Excessive pages are used by bureaucrats to obfuscate issues, not to determine truth.  Never-the-less, in Fairfax county we too have sociopathic loose cannons running around with guns ready to murder someone at the slightest twitch.  And Fairfax has an ever growing bureaucracy ready to cover it up.  But hey, Fairfax is mostly democrats and RINOs that always vote to expand the state.  They commute into DC and suck off the federal tit to finance their lifestyles anyway.

What will it take to stop this theft (legal or not) and unnecessarily quick resort to violence and force by police?  It may be safer for the public to be armed and the police to be disarmed.  It is almost as if, in its stupidity, the government in its endless quest for revenue, is provoking the public into retaliation.  More likely they want more and more plunder, because governments (police, judges and bureaucrats) DO NOT PRODUCE a goods or services that can bring in revenue, so they utilize force to shakedown the citizen.  They are certainly not interested in justice.

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