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Being against Islam is not racism or bigotry.  Calling someone Islamophobic tells me you can’t refute an argument, deal with facts, or accept truth.  In logic, this would be considered an ad hominem fallacy.

They come to destroy our society so they can build their own.

This fallacy is usually resorted to by people who are unable to grapple with truth objectively, i.e., you can’t think.  It is also resorted to by people who believe that the appearance of tolerance is more important that justice, truth, freedom of speech, calling a “spade a spade”, or the rights and liberties of people, i.e., a perverse moral system.  It is resorted to by people who love the approval of men and for this approval will sacrifice principle (such as veracity and justice) in order to be accepted by the “crowd”, i.e., no moral system.

It takes no courage to fit in to a mob, thus it is the hallmark of moral cowardice.  It leads to the “tolerance” of evil and the condoning of violence which eventually causes the disintegration of the current society and makes way for a more “evolved” and much more evil one.  This is the goal of both Globalism and Islam.

  • Islam is not a race.
  • Islam is an ideology just like Nazism and Communism.
  • Islam claims to be morally superior but eventually seeks to enslave or kill all opposition.
  • Islam is not feminist (to believe this makes one less than a moron, i.e., a lemming).
  • It is just another form of centralized political and legal control using the stone-age ideology or brutal violence, plunder and slavery.

Educate yourself.  Understand the times we are in.  If you insist on remaining a lemming, please jump off a cliff.


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This has nothing to do with race.  Islam is not a race.  It is not about the amount of melanin in the skin.  It’s the ideology stupid.

Just as the Germans and to give up their Nazi party affiliation and ideology, Muslims must give up their Mohammedan-Islamic ideology of stone-age world conquest.  Just like Nazi ideology turned Germans into monsters, Islam turns those who fall under its spell into sociopathic murdering butchers.

And according to some reports the intellectual nitwits over at “The Young Turds” (turks) blame the IRA???

Wew Lad…
TYT literally blamed the IRA for this….
is the IRA even still active? I haven’t heard about them in forever
Marcus Bullion
the fact they said it could have been the IRA, demonstrates the mental gymnastics you’d have to do to be an Islamic terrorist apologist or really f*****g dumb. The IRA have never carried out suicide bombings. Ever. thats not their modus operandi. And the IRA decommissioned their arms and disbanded soo long ago, 2005 in fact.
Statement reported by the Mohammedan Jihadists…

“With Allah’s grace and support, a soldier of the Khilafah managed to place explosive devices in the midst of the gatherings of the Crusaders in the British city of Manchester, in revenge for Allah’s religion, in an endeavor to terrorize the mushrikin, and in response to their transgressions against the lands of the Muslims.

“The explosive devices were detonated in the shameless concert arena, resulting in 30 (sic) Crusaders being killed and 70 others wounded.

“And what comes next will be more severe on the worshippers of the Cross and their allies, by Allah’s permission.

“And all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the creation.”  For more click HERE.

Idiots.  Next comes the Islamic apologists crying about intolerance against Muslims.

Youngest victim reported to be about 8 years old so far.

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I have a relative who loves to use moral equivocation when it comes to comparing Christianity with any thing else. What is moral equivocation? Not the formal definition mind you but in this case it is when one tries to make one thing as bad as the other so one can reject both. Sort of like (perhaps exactly like) setting up a straw man so one can knock it down.  Standard operating procedure for the closed minded who claim to be both open minded and “tolerant”.

You know, Muslims cut off peoples heads, well “Christians” burned witches.  Muslims practice honor killings, “Christians” had the inquisitions.  Islam is responsible for terrorism, then “Christians” had the Crusades.  And on and on it goes.  While such arguments are both shallow and poorly grounded in facts, they are common coin for the moral-equivocationist.  When mentioning Muslim communities always seem to try to set up Sharia courts within their settlements as a first step to establishing a competing judicial system.  The response was, well Christians did the same thing when they came over here and colonized America.  The incredible stupidity of the parallel requires a truly darkened mind.

I overheard a guy at work declare he had taken a comparative religion class in college.  He told the listeners, they were all pretty much the same.  They all had a holy book and “they” want you to believe it.  Earth shattering insight, I know.  But as long as you do not go into detail, such arguments hold weight in the superficial world of the non-thinker.


Take Christianity and Islam as examples.  First superficially, both have followers who do NOT read their Bible or Quran, who participate in the rituals and activities of church or mosque, and seem to be more secular by practicing their religion less strictly.  Then their are those who are ardent and fervent in their reading and knowledge of their holy books, where the will of God and their relationship to this “God” is central to their lives, and who reject the excessive secularness the world offers.  These two groups can be found in any sect or denomination.  Heck, they can be found in political systems too.

However, when one further refines their “query” stark differences emerge.  For it is one thing to claim to be a follower of any ideology and it is quite another to actually follow it. Take Jesus and Mohammad for example and the “serious” follower of these men.  If one is truly serious about following Christianity or Islam, then you are serious about emulating either Jesus known as Christ, the Messiah or the Prophet Mohammad (may peace be upon him) the perfect man.  From here clear differences can be seen.

Just a few examples should suffice.

Attributes Jesus the Christ The prophet Mohammad
Wage War against Infidels No Yes, on many occasions
Beheading people No Yes, many times
Assassinations No Yes
Women caught in Adultery Showed mercy Had her stoned
Wife beating N/A Yes
Pedophile No Yes
Women as sex slaves No Yes

The comparisons and contradictions are nearly endless and the differences are indeed stark. Analysis of Sharia vs. Any other law system, Christian or not, would end in the same way.  Hence, the greater the moral equivocation the more ignorant the person making it.   So, as with Europe, Islam is creeping into the US, now in Texas of all places, all under cover supplied by the equivocator.  Truth sets you free but lies enslave you.  So does Sharia.

Read more about Sharia in Texas at Breitbart News 

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What if governments needed to recruit some people to inculcate fear in their citizens.  The purpose of which is to create a boogeyman.  Why?  So the people will sacrifice liberty for security.  How?  Then governments can pass draconian laws so political enemies can be targeted.  When?  When the “natives” become restless.  When government plunder becomes to onerous and the smell of resentment and insurrection are in the air.  When people see their own government crafting laws to legalize what they want to do (like bank bail-ins) and to further criminalize the common man’s existence.  Why?  Because they will need justifiable use of force.  I mean, come on, this guy broke the “LAW”, Bingo, Yahtzee.


So who will fill the bill?  Who can governments get to terrorize the people or even other nations to comply with national policy?  Why terrorists of course.  So happens that there is an ideology ready made for this very purpose.  Islam fits that purpose perfectly.  Am I saying all Muslims are terrorists?  No.  But I am saying that terrorism is theologically consistent with the Koran (Qur’an) and the example of Mohammed, especially when abrogation (Naskh) is considered.  All that is needed is money funneled into the right places, resources to carry out certain events, a little direction, and poof, the terror event becomes the red herring the government needs to mask its true agenda and also provides the government with a perfect scapegoat in one complete package.


The Mohammedans already hate the western empires anyway.  Their young idealistic men will line up to get a chance to do harm to the West.  They are useful boogeymen ready made for nation security and foreign policy agencies.  Terrorism is horrible, but what is worse is our own government using them to run false flag operations against their domestic populations to give up liberty through fear and to enforce international compliance to safeguard our hegemony.

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At least he shot them first?

At least he shot them first?  Just another moron protected by the media.

From Feb 10th?  Almost no media coverage?  The main stream media needs to have a whole bottle of suppositories shoved up their collective butts to get the crap out of their brains and start going some real reporting instead of drinking coolaid and having their camera lens fogged over with ideology.

Gruesome double murder, men decapitated

Another interview

Muslim shoot, behead coptic christians in NJ

Alt media report, regular “media” silent



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