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Apparently, in the “minds” of some SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) there is an offense or crime called “cultural appropriation.”   This contrivance, probably an offshoot of some “Social Marxism” professor, calls for accusations that can escalate into physical intimidation, assault and false accusation.

Dreadlocks and “cornrows” have appeared in many cultures like the Persians, Egyptians, Greeks and Vikings.  This is not unique to African or African-American culture.  Besides, when did utilizing elements from another culture become a crime?

It is still assumed by naive parents that their children go to college to learn how to think and reason. Yet increasingly, it seems that the only thing colleges are teaching young adult snowflakes is how to be offended.  Parents pay good money for an education, yet their children often turn out to be offended lemming zombie retards who can no longer reason clearly.

Why doesn’t this “cornrow Nazi” go after Beyonce for straightening her hair and dying it blonde?

Is this “dreadlock Bolshevik” wear jeans?  Weren’t jeans invented for white miners during the California gold rush, Copper rivets and all?

Does she ever wear blue or purple?  She probably should not because someone might accuse her of appropriating the culture of ancient rich people from the Mediterranean.  The Queen of England should stop wearing purple too.  And the Vikings and Ravens need to change their uniforms.

Do any of her cloths have zippers?  Because that would be appropriating white people culture designed for bomber pilots during WW II.

According to this SJW’s thinking, if you’re non-white you should haven’t oak furniture either.  This kind of reasoning is intellectually vacuous and stupid beyond belief.  This is the result of teaching these “children” to be offended.  The SJW women in this video cannot think and she is guilty of the cardinal sin for SJWs, intolerance (that is besides assault).  The sadist part of it is she will graduate with a degree believing she is a smart young professional when in reality she is intellectually vapid.  It seems that Universities no longer teach logic and reason.

So, If I decided I wanted to decorate my library (if I had one) in an African pallet, that’s just to bad.   If I like Hepplewhite, or Chippendale or Queen Anne furniture, do I have to vet the culture before I dare buy such things?  Seems to me this is just another way progresses try to divide people and destroy individual freedom of choice.  You are only allowed choice when you want to destroy life, but have no choice when you try to live it.



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While D’Souza was one sided, and perhaps he is even wrong on some points, still one must weight the merit of each point and not dismiss it out of hand.

If Only D’Souza Were Right – Criticism of the movie by Gary North

Summary, my view of it.

  • D’Souza’s attempt to reconstruct Obama’s worldview is a good approach.
  • North does a good job of pointing out the continuum between the Bush and Obama administrations although Obama seems to have put them on steroids.
  • North does not appear to see how Obama’s hatred of neo-colonialism is in large part compatible with Bush administration policies.
  • D’Souza’s explanation of Obama’s worldview may be accurate but it may also be over-simplistic.  His worldview may be more of a hybrid of Marxism, 3rd world anti-colonialism, etc.  I am sure D’Souza understands this but is was not that clear from this offering.  Obama’s foreign policy does seem to have anti-colonial elements in it that North completely ignores.
  • On the other hand North is primarily concerned with the economic continuum of the two administrations and the real debt issues involved (222 Trillion off-balance vs. 15 Trillion on-balance debt for instance).  This debt is a FED and Bi-Partisan creation.  Kicking Obama out of office may be a great victory for neo-cons but it will make no difference in preventing economic collapse.  It will come regardless of who is elected in 2012.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.”  – Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

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