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One major news story making its way around Washington DC is that the Trump administration is going to cut federal work pension benefits going forward because their benefits have become unaffordable, i.e., the government is going broke.

Local congressional buffoon Gerald Connolly says Trump’s efforts to alter or reduce government workers benefits shows a lack of appreciation for their contribution and diminishes the value of their work on behalf of society.

Apologist of parasites

Go course, Connolly fails to distinguish between society and government.  Not surprisingly, most of the people who elected this political toady are government bureaucrats.  And not surprisingly, bureaucrats want to believe that service to government is service to country.  But our founding fathers did not share such a simplistic and homogenized view of the matter.

“Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil.”  Thomas Paine


However, Connolly and his ilk are just big government socialists, collectivists, and elitists.  Their ideas always spiral into the same historical abyss.  Government plunder, oppression, war, enslavement, death.  Occasionally they may protect home and country, but in the long ruin they do not preserve society, the destroy it.

Service to government is not service to society.  Society, in every age, always becomes the object of government plunder.  The people who run the agencies and apparatus of government depend upon taking by force, the resources accumulated by others.  These bureaucrats support this active theft while claiming service and sacrifice for the common welfare and the common good.  Government then doubles down by employing the “intellectual” and “chattering” classes to spew out rationale and justifications so liberties can be diminished, the boundaries of our freedoms can be constricted and government plunder can be concealed behind the veneer of morality.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”  Patrick Henry

Rule of law, once a blessing, becomes an instrument of plunder and is used to protect the thieves from the people they plunder, people that make up the bulk of society.

It is impossible to introduce into society a greater change and a greater evil than this: the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder.  Frédéric Bastiat

In ancient Israel, Jesus ran into the same perversion of law.  The ruling teachers became more concerned with following the traditions of the elders and the commandments of men, leaving no place for justice, mercy and faithfulness, the very things that the law was to ensure.  He saw them obsess about small nit-picky rituals but neglect these weightier matters, hence they “strain out a gnat but swallow a camel”.

The rulers of his day, just like our government, divorced the purpose of law from its ritualistic and legalistic implementation.  Once purpose if forgotten, the law can be twisted into any shape the government wishes and used for any purpose government wishes.  Just another step to tyranny and democide.

Most estimates are higher (240-260 million).


Calling government bureaucrats “workers” or “employees” instead of parasites seems incorrect to me.  Government, not terrorists, are society’s biggest threat.



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If one excludes the Marxist state of California, Trump won the popular vote. Now I’m no Trump guy. I don’t believe he will change much. And the coming economic disaster just up ahead can’t be headed off by anything he does. I’m more an “Anyone but Hitlary” guy, except perhaps Bernie Saunders who would probably be worse.

Never the less, Bernie, not Hillary, should have won the nod from the DNC in California. Leaked emails and a study out of Stanford show the corruption of the voting apparatus controlled by the Democratic party in California. So why should anyone in the rest of the country trust anything out of this state, which, by the way, is the worse managed state in the union with Illinois and New York right on its heals for the title. For more information on this, see the link below.

California Vote

Clearly California has corruption problems, but it also has serious mental problems. In deed, many “millennials” seem to have the inability to think critically about the subject of collectivism (Socialism, Communism). Most of the time, their thinking and reported conversations exclude well documented history and the ability to engage in any type of intellectual discussion. It does include regurgitating knee jerk insults, parroting their Marxist professors, and violence.

This lack of discussion demonstrating an inability to reason to often results in real “hate speech”. Instead of engaging in discourse over the merits of arguments presented, they dismiss them because of their origin. This is akin to someone rejecting an argument not because of an argument’s validity, but because the source comes from an African-American, or a women, or a progressive, or a conservative, or a Christian, or a Muslim, or an atheist, etc. An argument either has weight or it doesn’t. Its source my not be palatable to someone, but to focus on that simply leads to ad-hominin responses, bias, bigotry and racism.

To call a group of people xenophobic or bigots or racist is itself bigotry. But that level of thinking seems to hard to follow, with to many levels of inference for our young college educated millennials. To many of them are not aware that they are being played by the collectivists in Washington, the Media, and the academics. To many of them are being pushed and pulled like a vast group of lemmings easily controlled by propaganda. Certainly this seems to be the goal of the state.

Until the people of California learn the true record of 20th Century collectivism by studying its history, It is most fortunate for the rest of us that the Electoral College prevented California from sending the rest of the country further down the slippery slope of Socialism.

and thoughts on voter fraud from REDDIT…

My old man lives in California, and sent me his thoughts on the popular vote:
Donald J. Trump has, also, won the popular vote! The anti-electoral vote crowd, which has awakened after a 16 year hibernation period, can now put their protest signs back in the closet.
Donald J. Trump, President-Elect, has won the popular vote. When the votes from the liberal state of California are tossed out the entire political spectrum changes. Consider California is excluded from the Presidential Election of 2016.
Total USA Vote Count including California (99% reporting)
Clinton: 60,839,922 or 48%
Trump: 60265858 or 47%
Johnson: 4,152,009 or 3%
Total USA Vote Count excluding California (100% reporting)
Clinton: 54,979,208 or 46.5%
Trump: 57,114,029 or 48.5
Johnson: 3,847, 988 or 3.3%
Why exclude California? There may be a number of reasons to disqualify California…
1. It is one of 12 States that issue driver license’s to illegal immigrants.
2. While a few States permit legal immigrants to vote, California openly permits illegal immigrants to vote. Get a driver’ license get registered to vote.
3. California counsels illegal immigrants to vote for Democratic candidates.
4. California passed a State bill restricting the ability of the Republican Party to place candidates on the National Ballot. This easily eliminates the freedom to vote for a GOP candidate for the Senate.
5. California was called for Clinton one minute after the polls closed with less than 1% of the vote counted. Despite the fact California uses paper ballots.
6. With the exception of Illinois, voting fraud is common practice in California
7. California is still counting ballots and they are somehow are all for Clinton.
So if you are a Trump or GOP supporter, relax. Just throw out California, relax, smile, have comfort in the fact Trump won the popular vote along with 306 electoral votes. Oh yes, Clinton has 55 fewer Electoral Votes, Shame. Something else for the DNC to cry about.

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People protest outside a tax office in central Athens against auctions of homes ,high taxes and foreclosures in February 2014.

The policy of collectivist governments and central planners, be they democratically elected politicos, petty tyrants, or imperial despots, is the same.  Control of resources which primarily means people.  Not food, not oil, not iron ore, but people.  People grow the food, run the machinery that drills the oil, and they mine for ore.

But the life styles of government bureaucrats, our political overlords and the elitists among us is not free or cheap.  It is very expensive.  It is expensive to buy votes (welfare), run a police state (surveillance, arrest, terrorize, jail, maintain a domestic standing army, pay for pensions and benefits), pay the ever increasing bureaucracy (pensions, benefits), run propaganda centers (public education).  And when things get really bad, there is always war.


Behind all this government activity are the banks, always ready to fund any enterprise with currency that is printed up or given to them (deposited) by the ignorant masses and then leveraged up (fractional reserve banking).  Like the government, the banks have no resources of their own.  So they must pass laws forcing citizens to do all transactions with government approved legal tender (excluding black market activities).

So what resources do the banks control, particularly the FED and its member banks (this applies to any central bank)?  Again, it is you.  Banks control you by directly loaning your money back to you at interest and indirectly through taxation.  Make no mistake, taxation is for the banks, not for roads and bridges, not for judges and the military.  Taxes help keep the over leveraged insolvent banks alive because taxes pay for all that interest that the governments owes that bank on all those loans it had to take out to cover the state’s immense budget shortfalls.

Before the FED, we had no income tax.  It was only when the FED and the IRS came into existence (both just before Christmas 1913) that true american socialism was able to get the needed funding for the collectivist central planning sociopaths we today call politicians.  That funding via central bank bond purchases has allowed the state to expand and control education, the welfare state, engage in wasteful public works and wage war.

Businessman Screwed

So it comes as no surprise that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and Greece’s other creditors (primarily German and French banks) want the new Greek government to put the screws on the people to pay for taxes owed the government.  Really?  No, they want the government to extract back tax debt and tax the “underground” economy so the government can make payment to the creditors.  Of course they do.

“Greeks consider taxes as theft,” said Aristides Hatzis, an associate professor of law and economics at the University of Athens. “Normally taxes are considered the price you have to pay for a just state, but this is not accepted by the Greek mentality.”

The IMF wants Syriza to crack down on tax evasion.  Never mind that the EU with the help of Goldman-Sachs tinkered with the books to get Greece into the EU.  People say that Greece should never have been allowed in.  But the EU had to allow them in as Greece sits at the crossroads of East and West, between Russia and NATO and the Middle East.  So the ECB (European Central Bank) lent a boat load of money to a country they knew was a huge credit risk.  The stupid Greek governments built up and expanded the public sector with salaries and pensions and vacations and early retirements (54) so that most of the country had to suck from the government tit.  They became quite used to being dependent.  The crisis is now upon them because their own government cannot keep its promises and the predatory lenders are wanting their interest or wanting the Greek government to have a “fire” sale on all Greek assets and reduce the people to the status of feudal serfs.

Same game plan for the United States by the way.

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A major paradigm shift has been underway for some time.  Soon, the western banks and the governments they control will not be able to kick the can down the road much longer.  Our world is about to change.


Billionaire Eric Sprott – Entities Wiped Out Overnight As Western Central Banks Near Total Surrender

Paul Craig Roberts – EU And Banksters Threaten: “Defy Us And We Will Destroy You”

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The “rich” of this world are often lumped together with the elites of this world as the 1%.  But there are differences within this 1% and it is a difference that is very important.

Now if you are a socialist then everyone that produces an income is, or will eventually be, a target.  Of course being a socialist also means you are utterly ignorant of economics (Keynesians excluded as that is not economics).  So we will leave socialists alone to their “philanthropic” destruction of the world by plunder.

Eric Sprott: Not a member of the elite.

Eric Sprott: Not a member of the elite.

Thus, moving on, this 1% is composed of the elite rich who want to rule the world and those who are not members of the elite.  First lets identify the elite.  They are governors of central banks, politicians that make up governments and owners of corporations that provide services to banks and governments.  They also control armies of bureaucrats which fill agency after federal agency.  These obedient lemmings implement and expand the wishes of their masters.  The drones run various government agencies that regulate, fine, and steal private property in all its forms.  In addition to having their own police arms within the bureaucracies, they also use or control local, state, and federal police forces that provide force to terrorize the general population.

Hogo Salinas Price: not a member of the elite.

Hogo Salinas Price: not a member of the elite.

These “armies” use the same reasoning for doing their duty (impoverishing and destroying the lives of the citizens) as found with the Nazi bureaucracies.  They use “it was legal” and “I was just following orders”.  The enforcement powers do not protect the citizen, they enforce the laws made up by rouges who used deceit to get elected.  This is how tyranny always starts.  Corruption needs to legalize itself.  Then once legal, the enforcement powers are filled with drones who will do the bidding of the tyrant.  Public education has many purposes especially in its omissions.  They omit clear reasoning and critical thinking but make good citizens.  So we end up where Tacitus said we would.  Like Rome…

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”

The problem for the elite is twofold.  The first problem is control of the populous. In order to control the population they have to control the resources.  The average citizen needs to be put into a position so they cannot do anything more then protest.  They do not want the average Joe to have access to force.

Hence they desperately need gun control.  They need to redefining those opposing government as “domestic terrorists”.  The need to pass executive actions that allow confiscation of all assets.  They need a dependent population so they oppose any self reliance.  That’s why raiding groceries selling “raw milk” and teaching police how to escalate situations so force can be “justified” by the courts are part of the same game plan.  They need income so they push for carbon taxes because of “climate change”, want to tax the rich, they manipulate markets and the stocks of the DJIA.  Virtually anything government does that does not protect life, liberty and property is for control and enslavement of its “inventory”.

In the US, almost every action of government is overreach and is prohibited by the tenth amendment.  So the constitution becomes a “living” document, malleable to the whims of the power hungry sociopaths and the over-educated army of obedient implementers they must pay for.  If our all-wise overlords, elite central planners and sociopathic political class didn’t want to control you and I, they would need almost to money.  But because they do, they need great mountains of it, which is why they use paper currency.

Egon Von Greyerz: Not a member of the elite.

Egon Von Greyerz: Not a member of the elite.

The second is bankrupt governments.  Governments are the enforcement arm of the central planners and central banks.  What started out as a good scam, i.e., using debt to finance government and taxing the people to pay for it, has gone from manageable to nightmare for them, and everybody else unfortunately.  While they may be personally wealthy, their institutions, financial instruments and apparatuses they control are unsustainable because debt needs to grow to be sustainable.  The very dollar itself is debt, it is not money.  Or better, the money we use is debt with interest due it and somewhere down the line that interest has to be paid.  As their need to expand control grows so does the debt needed to pay for it.  They don’t want to pay for it, they want the citizens of their fiefdom to both pay for that control and to take a little off the top for their personal holdings.  This has created a debt based system that is now on the verge of collapse because of debt and leverage on that debt.  To understand this go here.

Marc Faber:  Not a member of the elite.

Marc Faber: Not a member of the elite.

So governments need to find ways to extract more money from the system.  Sometimes class warfare is used.  Like the Jews of Nazi Germany, the rich are used as the scapegoat for the liberals so called “middle class economics”.  Middle class economics like Marxist bourgeoisie physics does not exist.  It is a made up term to create class warfare.  It should be no surprise that liberals borrow from Marx.  But the problem is not the wealth of the rich.  It is politicians who have promised far to much to people and now can’t keep their promises.  It is central banks and governments that have intervened and meddled in the real economy, causing prices to rise, stealing your purchasing power, and manipulating every perception.   It is the huge pensions promised to the vast bureaucracies that are no longer affordable.  The apparatuses of government have grown so large in an effort to control the masses it is having convulsions ahead of the coming collapse of the petrodollar.  So now they must look for additional ways to plunder and impoverish their citizens.

Taxing the rich, many of which are not the elite, will not help the middle class in the slightest.  Government would consume anything they got from the rich in a matter of weeks if not days.  And it would be wasted on further expansion of the control apparatus because more needs to be squeezed from your wallet.  In any case, the rich who are in the elite will not be target of the governments they control.  No, the only rich that will be taxed are those opposed to the oppression and stupidity of the current socialist system.  The rich who support this system of debt enslavement by taxing citizens to pay for the elites debt will not be touched.

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President Obama has thrown out the usual tax the rich for his core, free collage for all for the economic illiterate, the economic crisis is over for the media drones, and we crushed Russia because he is delusional.  He has got to be either a clueless utopian socialist idiot of the highest order or intentionally out to rest the title “destroyer of worlds” from Oppenheimer.

The real world is heading into THE major economic crisis of all time.  It is not over as Obama declares, it is just getting started.  People who really tell the truth, probably because they are not politicians and have no connection to government money, have been analyzing real data and trying to get out the straight “dope” via media channels the central planners don’t control.  Like Old Testament prophets who told the people NOT what they wanted to hear but what they needed to hear, they have continued to sound the alarm for us in this time as well.

These people do not hold secret meetings to plot how they can deceive and hood-wink the masses so they can maintain their exercise of power unfettered.   That is the business of governments and the banks they depend on for loans, taken out in your name, to pay for promises they cannot possibly keep, were they to steal every last penny from every citizen.

No, most of them are painfully frank.

As world economic activity continues to deteriorate, the central planners will become increasingly desperate to control money and capital. They see these controls as a way to bailout insolvent banking systems and perpetuate the welfare model of over-leveraged governments bordering on bankruptcy. However the central planners cannot perpetuate what is unsustainable. James Turk

Listening to the bankers commiserating about their poor earnings reports this week was really pathetic. What banker of old would have not have dreamt of a zero cost of funds environment? The answer is that the current generation are not bankers. Their business was to create financial products and trade for their own benefit in the financial and commodity markets. Carpetbaggers.  Robert Fitzwilson

And the record number of attendees meeting in Davos own the global mainstream media and they are not going to tell the public what they are really discussing in these private meetings.  Many of the leaders attending Davos care nothing about their citizens or their countries.  They are the global elite and as far a they are concerened the world is their playground to plunder.  Steve Quayle on those attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

Americans need to understand that the only thing exceptional about the US is the ignorance of the population and the stupidity of the government. Paul Craig Roberts

And considering that Central bankers and politicians now have as little credibility as they do “dry powder,” it’s just a matter of time before history’s largest Ponzi scheme entirely collapses, leaving the “99%” that haven’t prepared to swim in shark-infested waters without a life jacket.  Andrew Hoffman – Miles Franklin

The truth is all around us.  But people only want the “truth” that supports their personal beliefs.  They do not want it unvarnished, they want it to support their elevated lifestyle, their fantasy of ease, comfort and security, their noble cause, their personal bias.  Soon the truth will shred these things.  Stumbling blocks have been placed before the great governments and the plans of the people will be destroyed.


And I set watchmen over you, saying, ‘Listen to the sound of the trumpet!’ But they said, ‘We will not listen.’  Therefore hear, O nations, And know, O congregation, what is among them. Hear, O earth: behold, I am bringing disaster on this people, The fruit of their plans, Because they have not listened to My words, And as for My law, they have rejected it also.  For what purpose does frankincense come to Me from Sheba and the sweet cane from a distant land?  Your burnt offerings are not acceptable and your sacrifices are not pleasing to Me. Therefore, thus says the Lord, Behold, I am laying stumbling blocks before this people.  And they will stumble against them, Fathers and sons together; Neighbor and friend will perish.”  Jeremiah 6: 17-21

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Historically, all economic collapses have the common element of riots.  This has happened before the actual collapse occurred such as during a period of hyperinflation preceding the disintegration of government services.  It has happened when governments have pulled out the “big guns” of martial law and police oppression in vain attempts to maintain control.  And it has happened after the government has quit effectively functioning.

There are so many ways our dependent society could break down it makes my brain hurt.  Our dependence upon the very government whose policies are causing the collapse is mind numbing indeed.  The destruction of the US dollar will effect all government services, all welfare programs, all social security payments, all pensions, all savings accounts currently held in banks, all EBT cards and any other forms of food stamps, all industries, all farming (except perhaps permaculture), all transportation (oil, food, gasoline, clothing, etc.), law enforcement, banking and mortgage lenders, holders of municipal bonds and US Treasuries, Utilities such as electrical, water, gas, garbage collection.  It will effect how you will heat your house and cook your food, literally everything.

Look at the dependence of Americans on government food programs.  Food stamps and EBT cards stop operating.  Millions depend upon these for basic necessities.  Aid to Dependent Children and other welfare programs will not be sending their checks out, auto-deposits into bank accounts won’t occur.


Heck, the banks will go on “holiday” so you won’t be able to access you money until it’s value is adjusted downward (as always).  One day your $20 dollar bill will buy 5 loaves of bread, then the bank will go on holiday.  If it does reopen, and you can access your money, you might fine that the same $20 will now only buy 1 loaf.  Your savings will also be gone, replaced by bank shares or some form of government IOU which will not be convertible into spendable money.  At least not easily.  This is the Cyprus plan, the Bail-in, already tested and set into law my western nations.


You will see what every government has always done.  And it doesn’t matter whether monarchy, fascist, communist, or any socialist hybrid, virtually any kind of collectivist state, they all do it.  They pass laws legalizing their actions ahead of time, then they implement them when a crisis occurs.  They have already passed into law bank bail-ins so they can legally take you savings just as they did in Cyprus.  As I said, all western nations have done this.  Pension funds, IRAs, 401Ks, Savings accounts, etc., will be used to keep the banks and the government afloat.  After all, it is legal.

It is impossible to introduce into society a greater change and a greater evil than this: the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder.  Frédéric Bastiat

Regardless of when government services quit being effective, you can be sure that people who heavily depend on such services will be in the mob, especially if they are young.  The government has been lying to us, very successfully, telling us inflation is around 2 percent.  But we do not have 2% food inflation.  It is many times higher.  Hungry people can become very angry very quickly.


Most of the dependent classes will do what they do best, look to government to rescue them.  It is their right to a free lunch.  After all, it was promised them by the politicians they put in office.  But governments will have to hoard what little they can in order to pay police, DHS, TSA, ATF and Bureau of Land Management thugs to protect them from their former welfare “clients”.  Then these “clients” are going to get very restless and increasingly angry.  When people can’t feed themselves or their families they will take to the streets.  If you are in a city or heavy urban environment, get out if you can, if not, you face daunting challenges.

The communications network will become increasingly unreliable.  The world will come to an end for some because their iPhone apps don’t work!  How will they hook up with their next sexual conquest on Tinder?  How will they amuse (not-think) themselves?  How will they catch the next episode of Game of Thrones or American Idol?  Well, they will be to busy looking for food and drinkable water anyway.  But one can live without cell-phones and a DVR, as hard as it is to imagine for many.

The electrical grid requires a lot of maintenance.  That maintenance stops when workers aren’t paid or when their pay can’t cover basic necessities.  And the unions will find out that no wage, no matter how high, will be a living wage.  So what then?  If the grid goes down, pumps won’t pump, so water won’t run.  Even if the water treatment facility has power, the utility workers do not have a paycheck that buys anything.  When the dollar becomes worthless and won’t buy needed things for someone’s family, does the breadwinner stay on the job?  How long will they stay the course while they watch their children starve?

There will be deflation in some items also.  The effects of which is to see price go down.  But this will only be in items that the government has meddled in and blown up huge “asset bubbles”.  Real Estate (again), Oil (the US and Canadian Shale Oil industry), College tuitions to name a few.  Businesses, industries, institutions and municipalities will default, go bankrupt, or just cease to function.  Cut backs will have to be severe, contributing to further unemployment and unrest.

Oil may be lower but once the dollar collapses you won’t be easily available.  Gas up your car and drive to a farm to buy eggs?  Don’t count on it.  By that time, they won’t sell them for dollars anyway.  Sorry to repeat myself but you better have a bike, and one that’s reliable, with few bells and whistles and is easy to repair.  Unlike Europe, the US is spread out and most farms are not reachable from the cities on foot so the angry mods will first burn down the cities and urban areas and be content with living in abandoned buildings and burning desk chairs for warmth.

Once the collapse hits panic stage, people without any useful skill and those who depend on others are at greater risk.  Government paper pushers won’t be needed (read expendable), same for lawyers.  Look what happened in the Wiemar hyperinflation.  What about Obamacare?  How will the diabetic get their insulin?  The questions are endless.

I hope I will have a video feed of some sort so I can watch the mobs burn down the IRS and Federal Reserve to the ground.  At least there will be some entertainment.

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