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Carrots of Color

Carrots of Color

While people the main stream media (MSM) call “preppers” are gathering supplies for the coming storm and its aftermath, eventually this too will run out.  Some of us are showing up late in the ball game and have not had extensive years to sock away copious amounts of survival supplies and have not been able to horde small mountains of gold, silver and toilet paper (barter items).   Money is also a very real constraint on most of us.  Many of us are living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet or borrowing (credit debt) to maintain our current, yet declining, lifestyle.

Many issues could be addressed here, but I am not an expert at guerrilla warfare, living off the land, or a former special forces guy.  Even if I had a hand-grenade I couldn’t throw if far enough and run away fast enough to be a every effective combatant in the coming social strife and chaos that will soon consume the cities and urban centers.  By blogging standards, I am ancient.

I do believe that people will have to learn how to garden.  Why?  Because you won’t be able to go down to the store.  The shelves will be as bare as old mother Hubbard’s cupboard.  Your ATM will not dispense cash.  Your debit card will not work.  Fuel may be difficult to source so your generator will run dry.  Don’t plan on mowing your grass either.  I’m glad gasoline prices are dropping but once the currency loses value, no amount of it will be eggs from the farm lady down at the end of the road, let alone gasoline for your SUV.  Better get a bike.

Sorry for the digression.  Back to gardening.  First, learn about it.  This is both easier and harder then it looks.  Easy because of things like “Square Foot Gardening”.  Harder because there are a lot of plants with a lot of nuances.  Do the easy stuff first.  Time and experience will teach you the nuances.  If you really want to survive long term and you don’t have the option to just up and move (most of us don’t), learn about permaculture.  Google “Geoff Lawton” for starters or go HERE.

But lets simplify.

Philosophy: Think beyond yourself.  Very important.  Your aim should be to overproduce.  If you grow food for yourself, you are a target, if you grow food for others, you are an asset.  This goes back to the New Testament and perhaps further.  Anyway, Jesus knows what he is doing.

Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it. Luke 17:33

Seeds: accumulate them and learn how to save them after harvest.  My step-son gave me 100 dollar gift card to a seed supplier for Christmas which was a wonderful gift.  P.s. weeds grow fast, kale grows faster.

More seeds please

More seeds please – coffee is optional

Soil: Think compost and raised beds to start with.  Fall leaves = Spring compost.

My first raised beds three seasons ago.

My first raised beds three seasons ago.

Exposure: North of the equator (like Virginia), look south.  If you have a sunny southern facing room, start plants indoors.

Indoor planting - onions


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If you have not heard of Bitcoin, then it is time to become informed…

Bankers Worst Fear

However, there are problems not addressed in this video.  This guy (Daniel) orders a computer on line just like Amazon.  No problem, for now.

But what happens in a currency collapse?  Will bitcoin be safe?  Well yes, it will, but it may not be of any help to you because…

  • How do you use it to buy FOOD?  Even if you order supplies, how will it arrive when all shipping is down because the truckers, who do not buy their gasoline with bitcoin, fuel their vehicles?
  • How does the farmer fuel his columbine or tractor or harvester?  His currency won’t spend.  So he takes his electronic digital bitcoin to the nearest gas station to get petrol?  Really?
  • However, the gas station has no gas because the truckers that deliver the gas can’t buy fuel to put in their trucks to transport the rest of the gas when the currency collapses.

In a currency collapse the delivery system goes down.  So it may be difficult for those of us who have our gold and silver stored in a “safe” location to drive to brinks Canada or fly to Switzerland to acquire it.  Brinks will probably not be bringing it to you either.  So all your wealth just sits their as it “waits” for you and your family to slowly starve to death.

Even people who say they are prepared by placing their money outside the system are making a lot of assumptions that will simply prove to be fallacies when the dollar dies.  We will see soon enough.

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Must read list for a useful common item

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More on the #1 survival item, Water

The Grey Enigma

Water from open sources must always be treated before use. The lack of proper attention to water quality can be life threatening. By a review of the literature there appears to be no one way to treat water to make it safe. As I went through the Blog I found numerous authoritative sounding articles that contradicted other equally authorities articles. Unless we can get EPA experts or similar authorities to talk about water quality in WTSHTF conditions and not 4 acre treatment facilities you have to pick your experts and go with them, understanding that none of us have ever been there.

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In order to survive the coming collapse of the Global Economy there are some reoccurring themes from multiple sources such as

  • Secure a source of water
  • Long term food storage
  • Obtaining items for barter
  • Learn to grow your own food – gardening
  • Protect yourself as civil unrest will ensure as people starve
Now most people will simply die, sad to say.  Also, many will abandon their families.  It is estimated that about 12 million men just disappeared from their families during the great depression never to return.  Parents will watch their children starve because they did not see where the economy was going.
That being said, I came across this method to distill foul and rancid water into distilled drinkable water.  I know you can get pretty tall kettles in Walmart.  I think I’ll give it a try.

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The Gray Enigma provides a very extensive checklist for the coming economic collapse and a wealth of other information.

So, don’t leave home without it.  The Grey Enigma’s A to Z Survival List

Also related to the above post…
Checklist of Essentials for Emergency Preparedness & Outdoor Adventure Planning Including Vehicle Preparedness

The 12 Crucial Questions of Preparedness Planning


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Excellent interview with Max Yemets (4/12/2012) on the Financial Survival Network.  Max lived through hyperinflation when it occurred in the post-Soviet Ukraine in the early 90’s.  His web site is on my links page “How to be poor”.   Some high-lights from the interview are…

  • Obtain small amounts of silver (or gold if you can afford it) every payday.  Even if it is just pre-1965 junk silver quarters (US coins made before 1965 were made of 90% silver.  Silver and gold are not investments, they are money and are hedges against crisis.  The government cannot debase them.  When paper money (fiat currency) goes to zero, people will not accept it.  You will not be able to just pop on down to the store and get what ever you need.  He mentioned three places the small investor/purchaser can get some.  I have used them all three and all are good.
    • Provident Metals  – this is where I get most of my “junk” silver.  Often Gainesville coins will have better prices but provident comes out less expensive per OZ for small lots because of the much more reasonable shipping costs.
    • APMEX
    • Gainesville Coins
  • Hyperinflation is the debtor friend.  As inflation creeps in, debts are eventually paid off with worthless paper.  Fixed rate debts only.  Adjustable rate debts will keep up in with inflation and is the dangerous kind such as credit cards or ARMs.
  • Get away from cities, get rural.
  • Learn to grow your own food.  Start a garden.
  • Store things you will need and things you can barter with.
    • For barter you can have liquor, cigarettes, toilet paper (priceless when you have none).

Max can be found at…



His video at ReasonSilver Reason Silver – Ukraine 1993 Hyperinflation Lessons Learned” is a must listen.

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