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Outstanding interview with Bill Holter about how people will lose everything. The Collapse of the American Empire is upon us. Trauma ahead.


What can be done?

On a national level, nothing.   The government triad (Washington, Wall St.[Central banks, Financial Services, Multinationals], Main Stream Media) is the cause, the disease masquerading as the cure.

Individually it is another matter altogether. To survive will depend, not on government, but on avoiding it, and learning to be an asset locally.  Learn a practical skill such as gardening, carpentry, making charcoal, or water purification.  Anything other than pushing paper, pushing buttons or…

…parasitic brain cell destroyers like Twitter; boiler room, pump-and-dump scams like “The Grilled Cheese Truck“; dying, bottom of the barrel fast food chains like “El Pollo Loco“; or highly commoditized, zero value-added societal drains like King.com (Candy Crush).  – Ranting Andy Hoffman.

Retirees and pensioners will be hit hardest. Then skill-less civil servants and lawyers.  The Grandson closest to me only knows Sports and iPhone skills.  These “skills” will be valueless in short order.

My best guess is second 1/2 of 2015 – 2016.  However, the markets have had near credit seizures within four days of each other.  We are at debt saturation and huge bond bubbles ready to explode.  The derivatives that rest upon them are even more massive.  1.4 quadrillion with a Q!  The great depression will be seen as a warm-up.



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One of the most disturbing films every made about government is Grey State. The director and family were found dead in what is supposed to look like a “murder-suicide”. Seems like that’s how enemies of the state end up.  Review and report from The Dollar Vigilante.

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Historically, all economic collapses have the common element of riots.  This has happened before the actual collapse occurred such as during a period of hyperinflation preceding the disintegration of government services.  It has happened when governments have pulled out the “big guns” of martial law and police oppression in vain attempts to maintain control.  And it has happened after the government has quit effectively functioning.

There are so many ways our dependent society could break down it makes my brain hurt.  Our dependence upon the very government whose policies are causing the collapse is mind numbing indeed.  The destruction of the US dollar will effect all government services, all welfare programs, all social security payments, all pensions, all savings accounts currently held in banks, all EBT cards and any other forms of food stamps, all industries, all farming (except perhaps permaculture), all transportation (oil, food, gasoline, clothing, etc.), law enforcement, banking and mortgage lenders, holders of municipal bonds and US Treasuries, Utilities such as electrical, water, gas, garbage collection.  It will effect how you will heat your house and cook your food, literally everything.

Look at the dependence of Americans on government food programs.  Food stamps and EBT cards stop operating.  Millions depend upon these for basic necessities.  Aid to Dependent Children and other welfare programs will not be sending their checks out, auto-deposits into bank accounts won’t occur.


Heck, the banks will go on “holiday” so you won’t be able to access you money until it’s value is adjusted downward (as always).  One day your $20 dollar bill will buy 5 loaves of bread, then the bank will go on holiday.  If it does reopen, and you can access your money, you might fine that the same $20 will now only buy 1 loaf.  Your savings will also be gone, replaced by bank shares or some form of government IOU which will not be convertible into spendable money.  At least not easily.  This is the Cyprus plan, the Bail-in, already tested and set into law my western nations.


You will see what every government has always done.  And it doesn’t matter whether monarchy, fascist, communist, or any socialist hybrid, virtually any kind of collectivist state, they all do it.  They pass laws legalizing their actions ahead of time, then they implement them when a crisis occurs.  They have already passed into law bank bail-ins so they can legally take you savings just as they did in Cyprus.  As I said, all western nations have done this.  Pension funds, IRAs, 401Ks, Savings accounts, etc., will be used to keep the banks and the government afloat.  After all, it is legal.

It is impossible to introduce into society a greater change and a greater evil than this: the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder.  Frédéric Bastiat

Regardless of when government services quit being effective, you can be sure that people who heavily depend on such services will be in the mob, especially if they are young.  The government has been lying to us, very successfully, telling us inflation is around 2 percent.  But we do not have 2% food inflation.  It is many times higher.  Hungry people can become very angry very quickly.


Most of the dependent classes will do what they do best, look to government to rescue them.  It is their right to a free lunch.  After all, it was promised them by the politicians they put in office.  But governments will have to hoard what little they can in order to pay police, DHS, TSA, ATF and Bureau of Land Management thugs to protect them from their former welfare “clients”.  Then these “clients” are going to get very restless and increasingly angry.  When people can’t feed themselves or their families they will take to the streets.  If you are in a city or heavy urban environment, get out if you can, if not, you face daunting challenges.

The communications network will become increasingly unreliable.  The world will come to an end for some because their iPhone apps don’t work!  How will they hook up with their next sexual conquest on Tinder?  How will they amuse (not-think) themselves?  How will they catch the next episode of Game of Thrones or American Idol?  Well, they will be to busy looking for food and drinkable water anyway.  But one can live without cell-phones and a DVR, as hard as it is to imagine for many.

The electrical grid requires a lot of maintenance.  That maintenance stops when workers aren’t paid or when their pay can’t cover basic necessities.  And the unions will find out that no wage, no matter how high, will be a living wage.  So what then?  If the grid goes down, pumps won’t pump, so water won’t run.  Even if the water treatment facility has power, the utility workers do not have a paycheck that buys anything.  When the dollar becomes worthless and won’t buy needed things for someone’s family, does the breadwinner stay on the job?  How long will they stay the course while they watch their children starve?

There will be deflation in some items also.  The effects of which is to see price go down.  But this will only be in items that the government has meddled in and blown up huge “asset bubbles”.  Real Estate (again), Oil (the US and Canadian Shale Oil industry), College tuitions to name a few.  Businesses, industries, institutions and municipalities will default, go bankrupt, or just cease to function.  Cut backs will have to be severe, contributing to further unemployment and unrest.

Oil may be lower but once the dollar collapses you won’t be easily available.  Gas up your car and drive to a farm to buy eggs?  Don’t count on it.  By that time, they won’t sell them for dollars anyway.  Sorry to repeat myself but you better have a bike, and one that’s reliable, with few bells and whistles and is easy to repair.  Unlike Europe, the US is spread out and most farms are not reachable from the cities on foot so the angry mods will first burn down the cities and urban areas and be content with living in abandoned buildings and burning desk chairs for warmth.

Once the collapse hits panic stage, people without any useful skill and those who depend on others are at greater risk.  Government paper pushers won’t be needed (read expendable), same for lawyers.  Look what happened in the Wiemar hyperinflation.  What about Obamacare?  How will the diabetic get their insulin?  The questions are endless.

I hope I will have a video feed of some sort so I can watch the mobs burn down the IRS and Federal Reserve to the ground.  At least there will be some entertainment.

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Carrots of Color

Carrots of Color

While people the main stream media (MSM) call “preppers” are gathering supplies for the coming storm and its aftermath, eventually this too will run out.  Some of us are showing up late in the ball game and have not had extensive years to sock away copious amounts of survival supplies and have not been able to horde small mountains of gold, silver and toilet paper (barter items).   Money is also a very real constraint on most of us.  Many of us are living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet or borrowing (credit debt) to maintain our current, yet declining, lifestyle.

Many issues could be addressed here, but I am not an expert at guerrilla warfare, living off the land, or a former special forces guy.  Even if I had a hand-grenade I couldn’t throw if far enough and run away fast enough to be a every effective combatant in the coming social strife and chaos that will soon consume the cities and urban centers.  By blogging standards, I am ancient.

I do believe that people will have to learn how to garden.  Why?  Because you won’t be able to go down to the store.  The shelves will be as bare as old mother Hubbard’s cupboard.  Your ATM will not dispense cash.  Your debit card will not work.  Fuel may be difficult to source so your generator will run dry.  Don’t plan on mowing your grass either.  I’m glad gasoline prices are dropping but once the currency loses value, no amount of it will be eggs from the farm lady down at the end of the road, let alone gasoline for your SUV.  Better get a bike.

Sorry for the digression.  Back to gardening.  First, learn about it.  This is both easier and harder then it looks.  Easy because of things like “Square Foot Gardening”.  Harder because there are a lot of plants with a lot of nuances.  Do the easy stuff first.  Time and experience will teach you the nuances.  If you really want to survive long term and you don’t have the option to just up and move (most of us don’t), learn about permaculture.  Google “Geoff Lawton” for starters or go HERE.

But lets simplify.

Philosophy: Think beyond yourself.  Very important.  Your aim should be to overproduce.  If you grow food for yourself, you are a target, if you grow food for others, you are an asset.  This goes back to the New Testament and perhaps further.  Anyway, Jesus knows what he is doing.

Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it. Luke 17:33

Seeds: accumulate them and learn how to save them after harvest.  My step-son gave me 100 dollar gift card to a seed supplier for Christmas which was a wonderful gift.  P.s. weeds grow fast, kale grows faster.

More seeds please

More seeds please – coffee is optional

Soil: Think compost and raised beds to start with.  Fall leaves = Spring compost.

My first raised beds three seasons ago.

My first raised beds three seasons ago.

Exposure: North of the equator (like Virginia), look south.  If you have a sunny southern facing room, start plants indoors.

Indoor planting - onions

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Once the socialist empire euphemistically called the United States of America collapses (possibly sometime this year), moneys for government, military, and civil authorities at every level will quickly dry up.  Police officers, like everyone else, will have to figure out how to provide for their own families.  Bureaucrats for a time will attempt to apply force to continue their pilfer from the communities over which they “serve” in an attempt to secure their own survival.  This too will shortly run its coarse.  Bureaucrats never see that they live at the expense of every one else.  As Bastiat pointed out long ago “Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone.” 

Bureaucrats and other government employees that live by writing and enforcing regulations will soon find that these skills are valueless.  They will need to barter what they have or trade time and a useful skill for what they and their family will need to live.  If they have no skill, other than pushing paper, they will perish.  The vaunted civil servants other Wiemar Germany found this out soon enough.  When people are simply trying to survive, who needs lawyers and bureaucrats?  They produce nothing of real value.  The coming crisis will expose them for what they really are, parasites.  They will be forced to produce something useful for the survival of themselves and their neighbors.  Otherwise they will perish as the federal safety net vanishes.  Writing and enforcing regulations will not be required.

Communities that still survive after economic collapse will have to band together to provide basic protect for its members and its asserts.  This protection will of necessity be reduced to the very basics of law (and in my opinion the only legitimate jurisdiction), i.e., life, liberty and property.  Anything beyond this becomes plunder.  Each individual will have provide some measure of protection for themselves, their families and even the life, liberty and property of their neighbors.  911 isn’t going to bring the police.  When collapse occurs, Castle doctrine will be the default.  And if you are going to survive with neighbors around you in some suburb, then surplus and skills are even more critical.  If you are an asset to those around you then you may survive, otherwise you are simply a target.


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Data Mining Scam by the Government?

Data Mining Scam by the Government?

By the transgression of a land many are its princes.”  Soloman Proverbs 28:2a NASB

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” Tacitus Roman Senator and Historian


Bureaucrats have long plagued societies. They are the arm of the central planner.  Their tools are extortion which is called regulation.  Their weapons are those who are willing to use force to intimidate and brutalize.  Their targets are those who have little means to fight back because they are to busy trying to make a living or trying to survive.

They believe, that by virtue of being government officials, and are hired hands to implement the programs of government, that what ever they do, they do for the welfare of all. It is almost never the case however. The common good, the common welfare, the good of the governed, are euphemisms by which the state central planners and their army of bureaucrats hide behind to conceal their need for power and an ever expanding state apparatus.

It is impossible to introduce into society a greater change and a greater evil than this: the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder.  Frédéric Bastiat

The state needs to plunder the common man or it cannot live. It can only live in opulence when it can reach into the pockets of the common man. If the common men gets defiant, it resorts to force which it has already “legalized” via its great tome of regulation it has burdened the people with.  After all, the central planners, having archived some worthless college degree that has destroyed their common sense, and having mastered the use of law as an instrument of plunder, are ideally suited to reign from on high, utilizing an army of “princes” to impoverish the common folk.

They must do this because they manufacture no product, produce no tangible goods, and therefore create no wealth. So, in order for central planners and the “princes” (the bureaucracy) to live well, they must plunder “we the people” and be willing to use the threat of force at the sign of any resistance.

The truly amazing thing is that many bureaucrats, because of there great ignorance of the nature of the state, economics, banking, and our own history (if in the US), actually believe they are serving the governed even as they plunder them.

The bureaucrat, detached from the livelihood of the framer or fisherman or mechanic, living in some gated community, working in some centralize hive, use the rules and regulations they have created to levy permits and fees and taxes and fines.  As inflation eats away at all of our incomes, the mechanisms of extortion must increase if the central planners and the bureaucrats they employ are to maintain their “life style”.  The inflation, by the way, is being created by the FED (central banks) and the central planners of government every time they sell “bonds”.  Local governments, seeing this, also sell “bonds” which allows them to live beyond their means, expand their apparatus, and support the growing army of bureaucrats, leaving the common man on the hook for it all.  But I digress.

To see how this is done, check out the Bavuso case in York county, VA. and how “special use permits” are being used to shut down small businesses in the midst of a collapsing economy. Also the testimony of Joel Salatin about The Bonita Bill H.B. 1430 is well worth a watch.

To learn more… Virginia Food Freedom.

Or a good economic overview of the corruption of our current system, see THIS.

The truth is even during economic downturns, depressions, collapses, poverty and ruin, bureaucrats continue to destroy small businesses and diminish our standard of living, without thought, conscience or common sense. This is why government must remain small and as insignificant as possible.


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Vacuous Moronic Ignorance, or “VMI”, is such a broad ever present and ever increasing phenomena.  Here is just three examples compiled in minutes.  Bet you would put together an even more impressive list.

10 gun control bills presented on the first day of the 118th congress.  From The Hill


Hey Feinstein, assault weapons were illegally banded in 1986.  What you are trying to ban are semi-automatic look-a-likes.  Because you and your supporters are so ignorant of the subject matter, you can educate yourself and your drones by going here.  http://thebubbaeffect.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/its-weapons-wednesday/

The purpose of the 2nd amendment is to protect us (citizens) from them (the government).  It is not about duck hunting.  It is there to protect the other freedoms that are imbedded in the constitution from being trampled on the enemies of the constitution both foreign and domestic.  Domestic enemies are primarily those in government who seek to control and milk the populace by usurping and violating liberties guaranteed by the constitutional.  The constitution is the supreme law of the land.  When the government violated it, its actions are illegal and the government has become a rogue state and must be opposed.

The magnitude of Economic ignorance on display is incredible.

When people vote because of race instead of on principle, you get clueless politicians.

When people vote because of race instead of on principle, you get clueless political opportunists.

Democratic Illinois Rep. Danny K. Davis, from arguably the worse run state in the Union, thinks removing the debt ceiling will give Obama the power of a blank check so he and the bloated government, brimming  full of parasitical leeches eager to milk you like a cow, can be free to spend whatever amount of your money they want.  He compares it to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation to give this call for blatant thief (arising the debt ceiling) some “moral” cover.  See video here http://dailycaller.com/2013/01/04/rep-davis-calls-for-confidence-in-the-president-with-debt-limit-control-video/

Can an elected office really be that stupid?  Does he really believe the private sector is a bottomless well that can be endlessly plundered by these government thugs?  Do his constituents vote only along racial lines?  Does anybody vote because of principles anymore?

It is the understanding of the underlying principles and the ramification of philosophies that allow people to look far into the future and correctly assess what will happen and why…

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”  Alexis de Tocqueville

Voting on principle has nothing to do with race.  I work with a lot of people.  Many are black.  Some are good friends, many work very hard and excel at what they do.  Some are also lazy and their attitude sucks just like some Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian people.   Could anyone honestly say that Jerry Rice or Adrian Peterson are lazy or call George Washington Carver an underachiever?  What matters is how the beliefs and philosophies of politicians effect the short and long term welfare of the citizens.  Until this is done your vote is probably nothing more than an expression of racism or ignorance, like those who voted for Mr. Davis.

Wasting time by watching things like the Honey Boo Boo Holiday special.


You can tune in and see a toddler in a tiara transform into a Walrus while being raised by a repugnant orca-woman.   But it would be better to salvage your time by learning useful skills like electrical work, how to use a hand gun, or how to bake bread.  Anything that may help you survive the coming economic collapse by being less dependent upon government.

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