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In any criminal investigation, a good investigator looks for motive and opportunity.  But the allegation that Assad gassed innocent women and children with the nerve agent sarin can be reduced to motive only because governments, unlike people, can make any opportunity they so wish.  Their tentacles are too numerous to track and many of their actions are secret and unknown to the general public.

So if the evidence demonstrates that wrong doing occurred, we must look at motive when governments are involved.  The evidence shows that Syrian warplanes left an air base, boomed an area, and returned.  In or near the target area, their was a sarin gas incident.  The evidence does NOT demonstrate that it was the warplane payload that contained the nerve agent.  That is only a possibility.   There are also at least three others.

  1. The Russian narrative that the warplanes hit a rebel / terrorist munitions depot containing chemical weapons.
  2. The rebels / terrorists staged the event to make it look as if it was the result of the Assad regime’s bombing run.
  3. The rebels together with deep state elements within the United States planned the provocation to justify aggression against Assad and by proxy, Russia.

Number 2/3 has been done before during the Obama Administration.

So what does Assad have to gain?  What was he motive?  Lets look at the setting.

  • Assad had the civil war going his way.  He was making progress and winning.
  • Peace talks were about to start.

So Assad thinks to himself…

I wonder how I can snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, turn the entire world against me, and bring the US in the conflict so they can fight my chief ally Russia?  I know, I will use nerve gas on non-combatants like women and children.  Perfect, that should do it.  I must call Vladimir right away and let him in on this brilliant plan.

Really?  This is to stupid to be believed.

Who does benefit?

  • The terrorists who are losing.  You know, the moderate Muslims who chop off heads and use women and children as human shields and are funded by US interests and receive US weapons.  They need the US to enter the conflict or they are going to lose.
  • The US military industrial complex and the deep state that needs conflict to justify its spending.  They need a big boogeyman like Russia to keep the war drums beating and the money flowing.
  • The US government so they can virtue signal, that is, to be seen of men to be the good guys, wear the white hats.  Otherwise they will not be able to contain public decent and keep the population pacified.

Russia and Assad do not appear to benefit from this action.  Until the pundits like Mark Levin and Brian Wilson provide real motive, Donald Trump may be sending his message to the wrong people.






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From King World News…
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FYI: Exxon and Mobile agitating for war in the Ukraine – see HERE

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Washington Is Driving The World To The Final War” is simply a must read…Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

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